Redskins Draft Wrapup

A look at who the Redskins drafted and how each of them will fit in with the team.

Redskins 2006 Draft Wrapup
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Roger McIntosh
OLB, Miami (FL)
2nd Round
35 Overall
A versatile, smart performer who will fill  a need at weakside linebacker. McIntosh  has the size and speed to be a three-down  linebacker, something that the Redskins  haven't had at the position in several years.  He will be given every opportunity to earn  the spot vacated by LaVar Arrington's departure.

Anthony Montgomery
DT, Minnesota
5th Round
153 Overall
When starting tackles Cornelius Griffin and  Joe Salave'a went out with njuries last year,  the Redskins were forced to do some serious  shuffling, moving natural ends into the middle. Montgomery should be able to fill in as part of  the rotation immediately and provide depth  as the season goes on.

Reed Doughty
S, Northern Colorado
6th Round
172 Overall
With only three safeties on the roster, the Redskins certainly were looking for depth there. Doughty is a smart, instinctive player who fits the Gregg Williams mold of a defensive back who isn't afraid to hit. That said, his tackling technique needs work and he should start pumping iron tomorrow to add a few pounds to his 6-0, 209 frame

Kedric Golston
DT, Georgia
6th Round
196 Overall
At 6-4, 292, Golston isn't quite a load in the middle, but he does have good size and excellent athletic ability. His bugaboo has been injuries,  starting when he got in a serious car accident  before even going to Athens. As noted in Montgomery's entry above, the Redskins need depth at tackle, apparently not wanting to have the likes of Demetric Evans anchoring the middle of the D-line.

Kili Lefotu
OL, Arizona
7th Round
230 Overall
This pick sent many scrambling for their scouting guides and ultimately to Google searches. Thankfully Joe Gibbs filled in the gaps  for us. According to Gibbs,  Lefotu is a versatile performer who can and possibly will play any of the three offensive line positions. At 6-4, 315 he certainly has the size to pull it off. Gibbs also said that they liked his mean streak. He is the first Arizona player to be drafted since 2003.

Kevin Simon
ILB, Tennessee
7th Round
250 Overall
This is another player who saw his college career marred by injuries. Knee injuries cost him most of two seasons. In the two years he was able to stay on the field, 2003 and 2005, he led the team in tackles. His presence puts some heat on Robert McCune, an inside LB taken in last year's draft, to step up his performance

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