Montgomery Felt "Right at Home"

Anthony Montgomery visited Redskins Park last week and immediately felt comfortable. In this Q&A the defensive tackle, the Redskins' fifth-round pick in the draft, talks about his visit to Ashburn last month and becoming a Redskin.

Anthony Montgomery, the Redskins' fifth-round pick, a defensive tackle from Minnesota, spoke with the media via conference call.


Q: What was your impression of the Redskins before the draft?

A: My visit with them was two weeks ago and from the time I stepped foot in the door it felt like home and felt like that was the place I was supposed to be. Everyone was friendly. There were a lot of guys working out. I talked to a couple of players like (Antwaan) Randle El and he talked to me like I had been on the team forever. I met with Coach Gibbs and we had a nice conversation and it just felt right.


Q: Did you visit anyone else?

A: Green Bay is a great city, a nice organization and it has a great history. But I didn't feel the same love and welcome that I did in Washington .


Q: Some scouts projected you as an offensive tackle. Has anyone here talked to you about that?

A: It was all defense when I was there. I never played offensive line before but a lot looked at me and said they could see me playing tackle. I'm open to the idea. At my heart I'm a defensive tackle and that's where I wanted to play. But if offensive tackle is what it took to get me a chance to play, then that's what I would do.


Q: What do you do best on the field?

A: I have good size, athleticism, I'm pretty quick, and I use my hands well. Those are the strengths of my game.


Q: Why did you drop so much weight?

A: I came in and I was real out of shape. It was bad weight. I wanted to get faster and then put the weight back on the right way. I didn't put as much back on. I was about 330 pounds and now I am between 310-315 pounds. It is more muscle and I can carry better and run well with it.


Q: There was some talk of you before the season being a first-day pick. What are your thoughts going in the fifth round?

A: My dream as a kid was to get drafted. It was never to get drafted in the first round, although that would have been nice. I got drafted and there are a lot of guys that played football as kids and didn't get this opportunity. It didn't really matter where I got drafted. I'm just glad that it was with a team that I wanted to be with.

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