Happy Birthday to US

SEATTLE – Scratching a seven-year itch with a patriotic twist, CapitolPunishment.com, a leading provider of online community and insider information about the Washington Redskins, has reserved a new domain name – CPND.US.

The new domain combines the familiar CPND (Capitol Punishment / National Defense) handle with a Web extension that will celebrate the nationalistic fervor that has gripped the country since 9/11. The combination celebrates the site's recent seventh anniversary.

"Wow, seven years online is a long time," CapitolPunishment.com creator Stephan Miller said. "I never in my wildest dreams thought that we would be sitting where we currently sit. We have had a lot of growth during the past years and we now hear from folks worldwide on a daily basis. After Rivals crashed, many folks counted us out, but we came back stronger than ever, and I am genuinely excited about the new features we are going to be releasing for the coming season!"

Capitol Punishment is a critically important member of TheInsiders.com, says the network's CEO, Jim Heckman.

"Stephan Miller is an innovator in terms of community building and online presentation," said Heckman, the founder of both TheInsiders.com and the original Rivals.com. "And he blazed a trail with Capitol Punishment for an independent online NFL network that we and our partners at Yahoo! believe is going to be a wildly popular, blockbuster network. We congratulate CPND.US for seven years of success on the Web!"

Miller, who is the NFL Director at TheInsiders.com, founded CPND.US as an independent. That site grew into NFLFans.com and SkinsFans.com, merged with other boards, became a part of Rivals.com and finally entered its present partnership with Warpath Magazine. The partnership has high expectations, especially because of TheInsiders.com's partnership with Yahoo!

"We have enjoyed a great relationship with CPND over the past few years," Warpath publisher David Jones said. "They have been able to seamlessly integrate our newspaper reporting with their comprehensive knowledge of the Internet. The people who frequent the site are more than just fans. They are intelligent fans who understand and are extremely knowledgeable about their favorite team, the Redskins."

CPND head writer and Warpath columnist John Keim said, "The best part about being involved with this site is knowing that I can be a bridge for the fans to the organization. I know they can't get that anywhere else. The fans also keep me on my toes and often force me to look at situations in a different way. And their questions, especially about players down on the depth chart, help deepen my knowledge of the team. Which I appreciate. They help me as much as I help them! There's nothing better for a Redskins fan than to curse out a Cowboys fan or a Giants fan. Especially if it's after a victory!"

CPND.US has had a vibrant and knowledgeable community that longtime member and forum administrator Terry said feels "like my home on the Internet. During his six years with the community, he added, "I've watched it grow into the finest source of Redskins fellowship and information on the Internet today. I've made many friends, some that I've had the pleasure of meeting personally, and have been able to pass on what Redskins and football knowledge I possess, as well as learn a great deal from some truly knowledgeable fans."

Long time site writer K. L. Engelhardt, agrees and says, "I am proud of the move to change the domain name to reflect pride and patriotism. The events of September 11th brought reality crashing down upon us and sports remains an outlet to escape that awful day and the evil that brought it to reality while uniting fans through our site."

Another site administrator and community leader George Lafoon (aka, Rat_Boy) added, "Switching to a .US domain will be a great move for this site. It is happening right around the July 4th holiday, for starters. Also, with all that is going on in the world, a little patriotism from everyone wouldn't hurt. The URL for the site will be much more attractive and will show that CPND is not only a die hard Redskins site, but a die hard United States of America site. It will show all who come visit our halls that we value our country. It will show that we are patriotic and that we love the USA."

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