Hopefuls Gather at Redskins Park

The players wore jerseys and helmets and most won't be around come summertime. So it's not worth making grand pronouncements about players. At least not most of them.


The coaches are another story. And here's our first impression of Al Saunders: the man is intense. At one point, he yelled at fullback Austine Nwabuisi to get back in the play. ‘'What are you doing coming back to the huddle!'' Saunders yelled. ‘'The game is still going on!''

But when Nwabuisi ran back into the play, he earned a ‘'That-a-boy!'' shout from Saunders.

And it doesn't matter if you make a bad play or good play, the intensity oozes. After one particular well-run play, Saunders told the offense, ‘'That's excellent! That's Redskin football.''

Finally, another time, he praised receiver Andre Thurman for running his route precisely. Because he carried his route out, it opened up a pass to tight end Brandon Sebald that allowed him to run a long way.

Saunders also routinely ran down the field.

‘'Al might be the most impressive athlete out there,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. ‘'He's got a lot of enthusiasm, which is good.''

…Don't expect many players to survive the tryout round and earn a trip to training camp. Last year, seven players emerged from the tryouts to sign as a rookie free agent. Six made it to training camp. Of course, one of those players, linebacker Zak Keasey, landed on the roster.

…Here's one guy who shouldn't be signed: defensive tackle Mike Moore. The man has an extra-sized gut. Considering he played collegiately at Louisiana-Lafayette and not a powerhouse, it's amazing a player would show up like that.

…Receiver Derrick Fenner, from Maryland, did not work out today. He had a problem with his ankle, but has been cleared to return Saturday.

…Fifth-round pick Anthony Mongtomery looked like he had decent footwork. But, really, it's too hard to tell right now.

…Not sure anyone, including us, should be too harsh on draft pick Kedric Golston because of his getting charged with hitting a police officer. Golston was a team captain at Georgia and once received the coaches leadership award. Golston was trying to break up a fight that involved his teammate. He said teams asked him about the incident and he thinks it may have helped his stock, showing that he's looking out for a teammate.

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