Random Thoughts: Will Taylor Go Free?

At this point, after all of the delays in his trial, how much trouble is Sean Taylor really in? Plus, who to watch in training camp and more.

...Does anyone think Sean Taylor is really in trouble in his case anymore? The more his trial date gets postponed, the more likely it seems as if he'll walk free -- and not because he's a well-known athlete but because there are holes in the case. I won't pretend to be an attorney, but this is just a hunch from watching, you know, Law & Order and shows like that. They've made everyone experts; or at least made everyone think they're an expert.

...LaVar Arrington is moving to strongside linebacker in New York. He played off the tight end his first two seasons in Washington, doing a nice job at that spot for Marty Schottenheimer in his second season. But Schottenheimer had Arrington play deeper off the ball, allowing him to read and react before the tight end got into him. Why? Because one of Arrington's weaknesses is the inability to get off blockers, especially big ones. He's much better when he's moving.

...It's always fun to pick out a young guy and make him the uknown guy to watch during training camp. This year, I'm anxious to see two guys: defensive tackles Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston. Montgomery might have a higher upside. But, beware: last year, everyone thought the guy to watch was Manuel White and he struggled mightily while switching from fullback to tight end. Not sure where he fits in this summer.

...Gregg Williams is a fantastic coordinator. Humble, too.

...That last part is called sarcasm. Hey, even his players laugh at that one, trust us on that.

...It's funny, though, because Williams lectured reporters last week about how everyone said he would be elsewhere, etc., etc. He needs to check the record a little bit. One thing about Williams is this: he tells the truth. And he said privately a couple times that, ''Don't be surprised if I stay.'' Because of his history of being honest, I absolutely believed him. He's given nobody a reason to doubt his word.

...Before becoming too hyped-up about this season, I really think we need to see how Mark Brunell looks early in the season. Word on him around the league last year is that he looked tired and old. It might be that Jason Campbell is the key to this season.

...I'm anxious to see how Taylor is used this season. Williams has expanded his role the past two seasons, asking him to do things most safeties can't do.

...If quarterbacks are the key to a team, then everyone in the NFC East has a question mark. Is Eli Manning going to take the next step? I'm not convinced of that. Will Terrell Owens make Drew Bledsoe that much better? Or will he still be highly inconsistent? And how will Donovan McNabb react to coming off an injury, and still having all the offense on his shoulders?

...I still don't like that Adam Archuleta has opted to work out mostly on his own. The Redskins worked it out with him so he will be at Redskins Park on occasion. There's no doubt that Archuleta will come into camp in great shape and know the defense in and out. That's his reputation. But the purpose of these workouts is to build chemistry; it's why they flourished last year. Besides, there was such a ruckus raised when Taylor missed last year.

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