Redskins Notes: Thomas, Wynn on the Mend

Normalcy is beginning to become, well, the norm at Redskins Park. The two most seriously injured Redskins last year, Randy Thomas and Renaldo Wynn, should be fit and Sean Taylor can focus on football in Washington instead of on legal problems to the south.

...Both Randy Thomas (right ankle) and Renaldo Wynn (arm) will participate in minicamp. Thomas is probably a little further along. Thomas said he's a little sore at times, but the soreness is slowly going away. He spent 12 weeks or so on crutches earlier this offseason, but has been participating in camp and said in terms of technique he's right where he was at this time last year.

Both players have screws and plates in their bodies -- Thomas has 14 in the leg. Remember, he not only broke the ankle, he suffered a high ankle sprain. It was brutal. But the hardest part for him? Being unable to play with his kids for so long in the offseason. He has four of them, ages 7 months to 6 years.

...Safety Sean Taylor has had a nice quiet week at Redskins Park. Now that his ordeal is over, he could actually enter the season in the best frame of mind since coming to Washington. As a rookie, he had contract issues and the rookie symposium nonsense that carried into camp. Last year he came off a bad offseason and then the problems in Miami. Now? Nothing. It'll be interesting to see how that pays off for him.

...Right tackle Jon Jansen had another surgery on his right thumb. The initial surgery in January did not solve his problems and left him with an achy thumb. He'll probably be somewhat limited in minicamp and perhaps even early in training camp, but he should be fine by mid-August. Suffice to say, Jansen is tired of playing with a sore thumb. But give him credit: he's come up with different ways to work out -- he can't bench with his thumb so he uses lots of pulleys, etc.

...Ray Brown might return to the Redskins -- but not to play or coach. He's talking with Larry Michaels about a possible role in the media end of the organization. Don't look for Brown to become a coach; he's too smart and has too many other interests to pursue that lifestyle.

...It's doubtful many players have thicker playbooks than Washington's quarterbacks. Their playbooks are about four inches thick, much bigger than in the past. They'll likely enter games with 230 plays in their gameplan -- of which they'll use only about 60 or 70. The big thing they're working on now? Dropping back and getting rid of the ball in a hurry.

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