Minicamp Notes Day Three

Yes, it was hot out there again, but that's didn't bother one rookie who showed some hustle and great wheels in chasing down one play. Gregg Williams loved that, but dished out some harsh criticism to another rookie form a mental mistake. Those and the other stories from the final day of minicamp from Redskins Park are right here.

...Reason No. 1 why the Redskins have a chance to win: veterans such as David Patten and Renaldo Wynn. Both face a loss of playing time, yet both approach this camp without bitterness. They accept their roles and know the only thing they control is how hard they work and how they perform. Will they be happy if they don't play as much? Of course not. Who wants to play less? But they know how their griping would affect the team so they won't do it. Besides, both -- especially Wynn -- will still play a decent amount. Sometimes the attitude of the veteran backups make or break a team. And their attitudes will make this one.

...Kedric Golston showed his wheels Sunday. Ladell Betts took a screen pass and sprinted downfield. About 30 yards later, Golston chugged his way and got near Betts around the 5-yard line. The hustle was outstanding and the speed wasn't bad, either.

...Receiver Brandon Lloyd made two more nice leaping catches. On a 30-yard pass into the end zone, Lloyd jumped in front of corner Kenny Wright to make one grab. Later, he grabbed a pass in double coverage near the sideline.

...Assistant head coach for defense Gregg Williams showed his, um, charming side to the players. Or, at least, rookie corner Chijioke Onyenegecha from Oklahoma. In a red zone drill, the rook must have screwed up the coverage. After the play, Williams stormed onto the field shouting, ''There's one wide receiver on the field you dumb [expletive]!'' And then he said, ''Bobby Stoops has a hell of a lot more patience than I do!''

...We're guessing Onyenegecha was not wishing his coach a Happy Father's Day under his breath.

...Safety Sean Taylor did a nice job covering Chris Cooley in the slot on one play, earning finger-pointing praise from Williams.

...Williams revels in his ability to be sarcastic, using it as a motivator. The man is always teaching, coaching or delivering his message. He would have made a heck of a politician.

...Warrick Holdman says he's in much better shape than last year, something the coaches hope is true. He accepts responsibilty for his lackluster play in 2005 and knows that it's his job to lose this summer.

...It's evident that the players have bonded, and continue to grow closer. Many often go bowling together, or get together at cookouts. Before leaving Sunday, Mark Brunell and Sean Taylor chatted for a couple minutes in the parking lot, shook hands and left. Maybe they're not best of friends, but they seem to get along and respect one another.

...Expect to hear one word more than any other when it comes to this offense: trust. It's what the players must have for this offense to work. Because the quarterback throws to a spot, he must trust that the receiver will get there. And the QB has to trust that the line will protect for him. And the line has to trust that if they hold their blocks the QB will get rid of the ball in a hurry.

...The one thing I wonder about Jason Campbell: he's now learning his sixth offense in six years. That's a lot for one guy to digest. It's one reason why I think it might be another year before he really blossoms.

...Quote of the day: From who else but Clinton Portis about whether his role in the offense will change: ''Hopefully the only thing that changes for me is that by the third quarter, I will be on the sideline with my hat turned back waving at the cameras saying, ' We will see you all next week.' ''

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