Q&A With Mark Brunell

Mark Brnell missed minicamp with a broken finger and the veteran quarterback can't wait to see what the new offense, designed by Al Saunders, brings. He also knows it won't work if one guy falters: himself.

Q: How different is the offense?
A: We've added a few concepts. We've expanded the playbook a bit. It's really the same system, but we've expanded. We're hoping to transfer some of Kansas City's success into what we're doing. It's been a real good process; guys have embraced what we're doing.

Q: Are you excited about the changes?
A: Yeah I am. In 2005 we changed the offense and made improvements. This year we're making improvements. It happens all the time. It's really just a process.

Q: Is this a good fit for you?
A: It's similar to things I was doing in Jacksonville for a logn time, getting the ball out and getting it in other guys' hands. And you have to be smart and real sharp and put it in the right place. You have to be accurate and make smart decisions. A lot of things we're doing, other guys have done in other places. We're not re-inventing the wheel here. And these are things I've done in my career before.

Q: What is it you can't wait to see from this offense?
A: A lot of things. Every guy out there will tell you how excited they are to get this thing going. It takes a lot of learning. We're still in the process of getting comfortable, calling it in the huddle and getting it run. We have to fine tune it. But I'm absolutely thrilled at how good it can be. That doesn't mean automatically that because we've changed things it'll be a high-powered offense. But we have the potential to be a good offense and our goal is to be better than last year, score more points and win more games.

Q: What's your take on Al Saunders?
A: He's a great teacher, very enthusiastic, very knowledgeable. He's been around forever and in every situation and he is a proven coach. The guys have really embraced him and enjoy working for and with him. He's been a great fit. He's one of our best offseason acquisitions without a doubt.

Q: Everyone's wondering about you for this season: If Brunell can't get it done …
A: It's no different than with any other team. If the quarterback can't get it done, it doesn't matter how many guys you have there. You can go into the season with All-Pros, but if the quarterback doesn't do his job, you won't do anything. It'll always be that way. It puts a lot of responsibility on you. All you can do is your part and work hard and try to move the team.

Q: Do you look to guys like Trent Green and Rich Gannon as proof that you can still play at a high level deep into your 30s?
A: Absolutely. Rich had a tremendous career and Trent is in his best years now. He's up there in age. We were at the combine together. You look at that and you look at the success of the offense. You have to be smart. You get smart through experience and going through different situations, good and bad. This position is a learning process. You never stop learning. The older you get the more comfortable you are with things. The thing right now is just learning the offense, the terminology and all of that. It's a quarterback-friendly offense, if the quarterback is willing to work hard and spend time, get into the playbook and watch a lot of film. Not to mention we have a few good guys on offense.


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