Q&A With Antwaan Randle El

He'll be used the same; his game will be expanded. The notion of being used in a variety of roles excites Antwaan Randle El, who left a the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers to sign with Washington.

Q: Is it hard to miss out on the feeling they have in Pittsburgh now?
A Not as hard as I thought it would be. It has been hard, but I understand what I'm coming into. If it was a totally different situation, where the squad wasn't upbeat or we didn't have the potential to be good… I'm coming to a good thing. I'm just trying to be another piece to the puzzle to get us to the Super Bowl.

Q: Do you feel like a different player having won a Super Bowl?
A: Of course. You feel like a different player having a ring, but you also feel like you have to step your game up and take it to another level in terms of being well prepared and doing what you've been doing physically and to make sure your conditioning is ready and when it comes to Sundays making plays and trying to do more.

Q: What excites you the most about Al Saunders?
A: His passion for the game is the biggest thing. He's out on the field running behind us and shows us the way he feels about it. He sets the expectations high for us.

Q: How much do you love being used in different roles offensively?
A: I love to do that stuff. It's part of my repertoire. At the same time, that's not my focus. My focus is on being outside and being an X receiver and making plays on the ball in the air.

Q: What makes this receiving corps dangerous?
A: We do different things. Look at myself and the different things I can do and ‘Tana with his speed and look at Brandon the way he gets the ball when it's in the air. Everyone is different, but we all have speed and athleticism and all have that mindset of what the quarterback expects of us. Because we have that experience, it will cary over and help us out a lot.

Q: When you win a Super Bowl, special things occur within a team. Do you see the seeds of that here?
A: I see some of it and I expect to see more. More of the relationships you have to have, the trust you have to have, not only on the field but off the field. Relationships are more important than anything. The relationships go back to the family thing and being close-knit and being together, understanding your life and where they came from. If you don't have that you can't go on the field and do that. That comes with time. I'm coming into it and a lot of it is already laid.

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