Kickin it off with Keim -1st chat of Pre season

John Keim returned from vacation today and just in time to kick start the pre season with a Q&A chat. We will be doing chats regularly from here on out and invite you to join in. Some will be for Club members only and some will be public. Here is today's chat transcripts for those of you that missed the chat.

JohnKeim: Everyone ready for football?

carnack: If we have an OL I am John!

terry: I know I am, I gotta plan a trip to Carlisle

terry: Will you be at Carlisle every day, John?

JohnKeim: I'm concerned about the interior of the line. If that's not solved, the QB situation will look even worse.

carnack: So that's my recent rant, John. I am concerned that we have no players in the middle of the OL that have recent playing experience other than Moore.

JohnKeim: I'll be there just about every day. I think there's probably only one day I won't be there. But, unfortunately, I won't be in Japan.

carnack: My greater concern is that Moore has not played Center in two years. Whats you views on that?

stevea: Yo, Carnack ... didn't Terry and I win you over to our confidence in our O-line??? :)

stevea: hi, guys!

terry: John, where does Brandt figure in all this? it's getting close to 'put up os shut up' time with him.

carnack: not a chance..doom and gloom prevails Stevea

terry: Hey steve

JohnKeim: Moore is the least of my worries. I think he'll be OK, though he's a downgrade from Cory Raymer. The problem is with him having to make all these line calls. The good part is, he played in a pass-happy offense with the Colts. He's also known as an overachiever, which I like.

stevea: John , while Carnack is in panic mode over the middle of our O-line, I'm in panic mode about the right side of our D-line.

stevea: Whom does it look like will play the other half of the game for Bruce?

JohnKeim: Brandt will get a shot at center and guard, just like last year. Not sure yet how he figures in. But he did play more center later in camp. Not sure yet what that means, other than OL coach Kim Helton likes to work out guys at multiple spots.

carnack: I'd agree wih that genreal response but isnt the issue that he is more of a Guard than a Center? Is there any veteran Centers that you are aware of that may be on the cut-down list?

JohnKeim: I agree about the right side of the DL. That's the biggest question on defense. The good part is, the defense has more strengths to compensate. But they still must address that tackle spot. And I highly doubt that Bruce Smith can still play every down.

terry: So you're not too high on Dotson, John?

carnack: hey Rugby Boy

CTScott: hey fellas

terry: hey Scott

stevea: My question about Dotson is his general health. Can he play MOST downs and MOST games?

ohioskin: i dont think dotson is an every down type guy

JohnKeim: With Bruce, it all depends. If they find another tackle they could use Dotson at RE.

There's always Carl Powell, too. ...I like Dotson, but more as a third tackle than as the No. 2....As for other centers, not sure. Again, I'm less worried about Moore than I am the guards.

carnack: I am prognosticating that the Skins will pick up a veteran Center and move Moore to RG. :>)

ohioskin: yeah carl powell is always forgotten i heard he was productive with the bears

JohnKeim: The DE I'm curious to see is Otis Leverette. The guy is athletic and has long arms. Could be fun to watch.

CTScott: Is Wynn an upgrade or downgrade from Coleman?

ohioskin: wynn could be an upgrade in age and that is about it

JohnKeim: I'd say about the same on the field. THe loss with MArco will be in the locker room where he was the strongest leader I've seen in my 8 years covering the team. Fortunately, the Redskins have other guys, like Armsteasd, who can pick up the slack there. And Arrington is becoming more of a leader, too.

terry: John, you've seen Wuerffel and Matthews now with this offense (in the mini camps). Do they have weak arms?

ohioskin: Has brandt put on any needed weight this offseason Mr Keim that you know of

RiggoRanger: Hey John, are track stars faster than football players? :)

CTScott: oh no

JohnKeim: Fellow Buckeyes don't have to call me Mr.! But thanks for the formality. As for Brandt, he looks about the same. They list him at 313 pounds. He appears to have more of a center's build than a guard. But i'm no scout.

RiggoRanger: on't answer that

RiggoRanger: don't

JohnKeim: Don't worry.

RiggoRanger: John, does Sage have what it takes to be the starter this year? Would Spurrier keep him over his Florida QB's?

JohnKeim: They don't have strong arms. Patrick Ramsey clearly has the best arm. But that's not always the determining factor. TRent Green doesn'thave a strong arm and he's done OK.

carnack: okay a non-OL question, John (this is hard not to talk about our Achilles Heel)..any truth to the rumours that we are in the market for a FS?

stevea: I haven't heard that rumor.

carnack: Been bantered around by the Sportsline guys...

sorry I am late

JohnKeim: Sage has what it takes to maybe do something down the road. I like the way he makes plays when the pocket collapses. He's creative. But not sure how he fits in here. I have a hard time seeing him stick over Matthews and Wuerffel. They already have their QB of the future in Ramsey, so they don't need Sage for that. But if Rosenfels has a great camp, then yes I could see Spurrier keeping him.

stevea: John, I work at Princeton U, alma mater of Ross Tucker. It was a mice surprise to see him make the team. Is he ready to be a good backup this year?

terry: 4,0Last guy in buys the beer, crash

carnack: Think mary would jump on him?

carnack: Marty

JohnKeim: They have looked at some FS's, which I applaud. But haven't heard much on that lately. Then again, I've been out of town for a couple of weeks.

CTScott: What actually ahppened to Banks? Did they boot himout on the streets? I don't remember hearing anything about his departure.

RiggoRanger: Any word on Adams? I've heard rumours now that he's headed to Seattle. Any chance he comes to DC John?

1 carnack: I agree. FS is still a soft spot on this defense. Our Speeds there is questionable at best.

JohnKeim: Ross Tucker is a favorite of mine so I hope he sticks around. I'd say they're intrigued by him and think he has a good chance to stay as a backup. He's worked at just about every line spot this offseason.

JohnKeim: I doubt Adams is coming here. ... As for Banks, he was only signed for last season so they never really considered keeping him. Spurrier wasn't high on him. It was a quiet end.

CTScott: real quiet.. I thought he might still be hiding in the locker room

carnack: Is it your read, John that the Skins, having the money, will try and add another significant veteran addition to the team before the end of camp?

RiggoRanger: Good! I think Adams is overrated and has overpriced himself too.

RiggoRanger: Do you think we will resign Ben Coleman?

JohnKeim: I actually liked Banks. He was one of the more honest players I've covered. Just too inconsistent on the field....YEs, I think they'll try to add someone else by the end of camp. They have to.

terry: 4,0So back to the OL, is Vickers our left guard, or is Loverne ahead there?

carnack: The Sieve!

ohioskin: keim you gonna watch the big 33 game this weekend

RiggoRanger: How about Ray Brown?

JohnKeim: I didn't think they would re-sign Coleman, but now there's a chance. They played it right with him. There wasn't a market for him so they could wait and if they still need someone they can sign him. They could do a lot worse.

stevea: John, do you think Mendes will make a serious effort to extend Jansen this summer???

terry: 4,0Didn't he start that Tampa game, Bruce? I don't remember

JohnKeim: Vickers spent more time at RG during the last coaching session. The Skins seem more sold on Loverne at LG than with Rod Jones at RG. That could change by the end of next week.

CTScott: vickers is the one who almoat got Brad killed no?

ohioskin: i think reggie coleman will make some niose at guard before the year is over

carnack: lol! Yes but at OT...he was toast at OT. The Eagles smoked him like bad Salmon too.

terry: 4,0yeah Scott, but as a left tackle

CTScott: yup

CTScott: I remember

JohnKeim: I'd love to see Ray Brown back. The Skins have a few young G's and they could learn a lot from him. He's excellent in the locker room, too. Right now, the young linemen have no one to learn from.

RiggoRanger: John, do you ge tthe feeling the Skins are gonna let S.Davis get away after this season?

stevea: Scott, that was a long time ago ... now he's known as the guy who almost got Grbak killed!

JohnKeim: It's not necessarily up to Mendes about Jansen. I know Jansen has talked to the owner about an extension and still nothing. Could be painful to watch this one.

CTScott: lol

carnack: Only at Guard, stevea!

CTScott: I feel confident now

stevea: just joshing about Vickers ... he has improved a lot the last two years

carnack: The trend continues...

CTScott: In Vickers we trust

JohnKeim: Reggie Coleman worked out with the same guy in NEw Orleans that Ramsey did. The guy raved about Coleman.

stevea: run that by again, John ... what guy in New Orleans? scout? trainer?

JohnKeim: A trainer. CAn't recall his name off the top of my head. But he's the one who helped whip Ramsey into shape. Works with a lot of pro athletes.

carnack: yes, I have heard that Coleman is a real possibility this year to see some playing time. Fomr the sound of it, I guess you feel that Rod jones may be the odd man out at this point - especially if they bring in another OG....

ohioskin: coleman will surprise some people and hate to say it cold be jansens replacement next year

CTScott: Jansen's GOTTA stay!

carnack: Mack somebody isnt it?

ohioskin: i agree

CTScott: Show him the money... He shuts down Strahan

ohioskin: i thought rod jones was a good pickup did he have a bad minicamp

JohnKeim: If i had to guess now then yes Jones would be the odd man out at G. I'm anxious to see Coleman because there were a few things to like during the coaching sessions...Mackie Shilstone, if i recall..

CTScott: he deserves it

RiggoRanger: Will Snyder raise the price for beer at Fed-Ex?

carnack: Jansen is going to stay before Davis does Im afraid... At least next year all that dead money will fall away a bit.

carnack: Thats the guy...

CTScott: that's ok with me bru RiggoRanger: 6 bucks for a Miller Lite is robbery already

JohnKeim: I just think Jones needs more time to work at RG. Remember, he's always played tackle and some LG. IT takes time. We might have only been watching him shake off the rust. IT's not so much what we saw with it, however. It's the whispers you hear. But, as OL coach Kim Helton says, you'll see everything once the pads are on.

ohioskin: so is spurrier and lewis still bitter on big daddy's no show

carnack: Speaking of which, how do you size up our new heir apparent to teh Boss Hog title, Kim Helton?

JohnKeim: Can't say but I doubt it. If Big Daddy is out of shape when camp opens, they'll be peeved. But if he plays well, they won't care about anything that happened this past spring.

RiggoRanger: John, what do you feel is the biggest hole or weak spot on the team right now?

CTScott: Is it safe to be on a computer when lightning is hitting 4 feet away?

carnack: Big Daddy is a lock and he knows it. He could streak SOS's wife and get away with it right!

JohnKeim: Helton seems pretty good. Sounds like an OL coach, which means he's a bit gruff and not afraid to bark at his men. Also a good quote!

stevea: John ... about personnel decision-making ... does Snyder tend to overrule Mendes or trust Mendes?

JohnKeim: The biggest weak spot is QB. No one is proven over the course of a season. But the biggest problem could be the interior of the OL. IF that falters, everything else will, too.

carnack: IM not really that much up on his college background...can he bring his techniques to the Pro's successfullly? As you know ther is high expectations on any OL GuRu in WDC.

carnack: Thats my trumpet your playing John!

terry: 4,0John, Does Darrell go all season, or will we see the transition to Bauman before it's over?

ohioskin: John what role will rock cartwright be given the chance to earn playing time and where do you think he will play fullback? third down type guy?

JohnKeim: He's coached in the NFL, with the Raiders and Oilers among others. He'll be fine.

carnack: Sure Scott..just take out those Gold Dentures of!

stevea: side comment ... IMO the biggest mistake Marty made all year was the firing of Russ Grimm ... right after announcing that he wanted coaches who were good teachers!

CTScott: you wouldn't believe it right now

RiggoRanger: Will Champ return some punts this year?

JohnKeim: Haven't seen Bauman in the NFL yet so it's hard to say. ... As for Grimm, i heard that he wanted to leave and go to Pittsburgh. I, too, would like to have seen him stay. I will say, the OL came together well last year, however.

carnack: Pitts OL play has been excellent. Grimm is a vg coach imo.

JohnKeim: Champ, Smoot or Jacquez likely will compete to return punts (Mike Stock says he doesn't want to rotate them). I want to see Champ. He'd be the most electrifying.

hey Terry, Your beer is on the table. Thanks for letting me lurk

JohnKeim: I agree on Grimm. Plus I always like having links to the past. It's important.

carnack: Thats a good point..after Darryl, who's left?

CTScott: hey pete

JohnKeim: Davis has the next longest tenure at 7 years. But the bulk of the past is in the media. At least six of us have been around 7 years or more.

carnack: Here's is another area of concern: our kicking game..any thoughts?

CTScott: uggggh

JohnKeim: None that are printable.

carnack: lol!

carnack: ditto

CTScott: can we get akers back... maybe throw in conway and some $$$

carnack: I have been saying that its a good thing we're going for the endzone! lol!

ohioskin: John who do you feel will be the odd men out at wide reciever it seems it will be a dog fight for the last couple of roster spots

RiggoRanger: John, in a fight to the death, which one would be victorious- a Hawk or an Elephant? :)

carnack: I do have a question about Darrius? Is this guy evr going to step up and seize the opportunity?

CTScott: lol

CTScott: by pete

carnack: You have that effect on people!

CTScott: :)

terry: 4,0John, who do you think will be this year's surprise, like Antoio Pierce and ifyeani Ohale have been in previous seasons? Melvin Paige perhaps?te

JohnKeim: Good question. If I had to pick five it would be: Lockett, Gardner, Green, Russell and Skaggs. The latter can help more on special teams. But so can Derrius Thompson. And McCants has a ton of athletic ability. So, too, does Reidel Anthony. Now you see the coaches dilemma

JohnKeim: Melvin Paige is a possibility. I think Reggie Coleman is another

terry: 4,0Any chance that Greg Scott pushes for hard for and gets a job?

ohioskin: is kenny watson gonna make the 53 man roster

carnack: I am leaning towards saying that Cowsett has the best chance this training camp to be the Dark agree?

JohnKeim: I'd look for Scott to end up on the practice squad. Without having seen him in pads, that's the best I could see. OF course that could change.

stevea: Or Bernard Jackson ... is he a good prospect to rotate behind Bruce (TFY Draft said some nice things about him)?

fredskin: John, how high a priority will it be getting a long look at Betts with Davis' Situation up in the air for '03.

ohioskin: i would like to see cowsette step up

JohnKeim: Watson has a chance because of his hands

13:10:06 smoove2k: I know this question has probably been asked before, but why are we still fretting over the D-line since signing Dotson? Is it a question ofskill level or depth?

13:10:11 JohnKeim: Cowsette's quickness gives him a chance. He made a few plays last year, but his size might make it hard for him to be a full time player.

carnack: I understand that he is being asked to put on 20 pounds..Is this possible for a guy 6'1""? JohnKeim: It has to be a high priority to get a look at Betts. The better he looks, the more likely Davis is for the DL, it's a matter of depth and how much fulltime talent remains in the body of Smith and Dotson.

carnack: better question if his size is around 300# is he a better player because of it? He is still a ""window"" in the passing lane for opposing QB's.

JohnKeim: Sure it's possible. But how much quickness will he lose? That, after all, is his strength. I don't think he needs to weigh 300, but if he were around 285 he'd be OK

carnack: He's reported to be at 288# now..

JohnKeim: He's listed at that weight, but, to be honest, it seems high. But that would be a good weight for him.

riggo66: Hail fellow Skins freaks!

carnack: hey m8

smoove2k: 'Sup. Riggo...

ohioskin: with armstead being the man always forgotten in the linebacking core what kind of year do you expect him to have John

RiggoRanger: hey fellow riggonite!

smoove2k: Does our camp start on Saturday?

RiggoRanger: no, monday

fredskin: John, will Brandt get a look at either Center or Guard this year or is he still a project?

JohnKeim: I expect him to be better than what the redskins had there last year. or what they would have had with shawn barber. But i'm curious to see how much he has left. he doesn't have to be a Pro bowler to be an upgrade.

riggo66: Hail fello wriggonite!!!

JohnKeim: Brandt will get a look at both spots. FYI: there is more about him on the transcripts which will be posted later.

smoove2k: Are any of you guys (or gals, if present) subscribers to the Club level on this board?

The01Fan: Greetings One & All

ohioskin: John are we still looking at keeping kevin mitchell and is he still upset and does he want out to try to start somewhere else

13:18:16 fredskin Sorry about that I'm just intrigued by the Moore, Jones, Brandt Situation. With CS & JJ these are the 3 I want to see, with Kip & Loverne and others for depth.

Pete8: Whew didn't think I was gonna get in the room!

The01Fan:I'm in the same room as CTScott and the Great Carnack....almost like being at HogFest!!

Pete8: You ain't anymore!

Pete8: lol

JohnKeim: Got clicked off for a second, but back now.

Pete8: Any signing today?

smoove2k: John, in your estimation, who really goes packing? Wuerffel, Matthews or Rosenfels?

RiggoRanger: Are you going to Japan John?

JohnKeim: If I had to pick today, I'd say Sage. But keep this in mind: Spurrier felt he could live without Matthews.

JohnKeim: Unfortunately I'm not. Bad year for the paper's profits. Any other year and I'm going. Just bad timing.

smoove2k: You don't think that was a ploy?

The01Fan: Bad year for just about everyone's profits!

ohioskin: could you answer my mitchell question sir keim sir! lol

RiggoRanger: Well, work's over now, gotta go home. Thanks John for your answers! Later, Hogsters! :~) Pete8: Yea! tell me about it took a whooping in the stock market this year:(

JohnKeim: It might have been. But after a while there was no reason to disguise his wishes. STill, unless Rosenfels wows everyone I'd say he's gone. And, to me, Matthews gives them the best chance to win....It was also a bad year for my son's college funds! Good thing they're young.

Pete8: I'm guessing there wasn't any signings today, right?

smoove2k: The Wizards signed Larry Hughes.....

JohnKeim: Sorry, thought I answered it before I got cut off but guess not. Anyway: Don't think Mitchell will be going anywhere. He's upset, but he's also cheap to keep around in case something happens to trotter. Also, he's a professional in every sense of the word. He showed up for every practice session despite losing his job. He practices hard and he's a solid special teamer. There's no reason to cut him.

The01Fan: Do you belive we are really out of the race for Sam Adams? I hope so....

Pete8: WOW! Is that gonna help the Skins? lol

smoove2k: Just joking, Pete8.

JohnKeim: Haven't learned of any signings yet, but usually check around now.. Yes, as of right now, I'd say the skins are out of the chase for adams. things change but i have a hard time seeing that one.

smoove2k: Only if he adds 140 lbs. worth of bulk in just a month! LOL!

The01Fan: in your opinion, are there any other good DT's out there that could help the team....or should we just work from within?

JohnKeim: Don't have my list of names in front of me at DT, but Adams is clearly the top guy there. they have to address this somehow. If Cowsette or someone like donovan arp can play a few downs a series that would help. but the LB's will compensate for the dl's weaknesses, for a while.

smoove2k: yeah, but doesn't that put us in the position of ""waiting until the dam breaks""?

WelshSkinsFan: is this the greatest LB corps or what?

Pete8: My son, bought me a box of Montecrisco No.4 (Cubans) from Honduras last week

ohioskin: john will we not see just how good our stellar linbackers can be because of a weak d line

JohnKeim: Yes. that's why i think they need to address this.

The01Fan: John, you think we are really in that bad a shape at DT?

smoove2k: That only makes sense if the ""DAN"" plans on just getting by this season.....

JohnKeim: I don't think the skins are in horrible shape there. Big daddy played well last year. but i do think there are question marks.

Pete8: Think the LB play can overcome the shortcoming of the DL?

The01Fan: Waht kind of role will Santana Dotson play on the D-Line?

JohnKeim: Yes, as long as the dl isn't awful, which i don't think it will be.

smoove2k: Yeah, and those question marks are magnified when opposing offenses start repeatedly ponding the ball up the gut.

JohnKeim: Amen

ytsejam: Howdy

stevea: About Sam Adams ... Pasquarelli just announce that he's turning down 3 Mil from the Bengals and seriously considering 1.5 Mil from Denver. At that price we could be in the running

Pete8: Hi!

ohioskin: john when arrington lines up in a third down pass rushing stance who will go out of the game will bruce be at the other end with wynn and wilk at the tackles

smoove2k: If he's considering 1.5 mil from Denver, then there has to be some other consideration involved besides money....

smoove2k: Maybe he likes the area, or something.

Pete8: We won't know that untill after the preseason as how and where they will play on 3rd downs

ohioskin: denver could be a better contender but if he thinks that he would come here I would hope

The01Fan: maybe he likes the ""snow"" better in Denver!!

smoove2k: It DOES keep him from being way across the country from his ""Pop Warner"" team.....

The01Fan: John, What kind of role will Dotson play on the D-Line?

smoove2k: I heard that Sam wants a lot of cash up front.....Is there any info available on the structure of Cincy's offer?

ohioskin: did the eagles sign kirkland

Pete8: John, you may have already discuss this, but in your observeration who was the sharpest QB in Mini camps?

The01Fan: Yes, ""Fat Daddy"" signed with the Beagles!!

gp333: where did you read that?

JohnKeim: Adams will be somewhere other than washington... the dl alignment sounds about right. they have lots of flexibility because of wynn and dotson and carl powell... the sharpest qb varied. one day it would be wuerffel, earlier in camp it was sage but he looked worse the more plays they threw at him to learn. matthews was unimpressive, but we'll learn more starting tuesday... folks, gotta go. have to finish my work. i enjoyed the [msg continues in 20 secs] ohioskin: John, will the fact that very few of our coaches have ever coached at the nfl level hurt our team at all with traing camp and preseason and all

JohnKeim: chat and hope you did too. plan to do another one next week and will let everyone know once i learn my schedule. thanks!

stevea: thank, john

djjino: wassup guys~

stevea: so long, folks

djjino: hello john~~~

ohioskin: thank you very much john!!!!!!!!!

JohnKeim: OK, last question since it's a Buckeye...They have a decent mix of guys who have coached before and those who haven't. it's about 50-50 so you get the enthusiasm of college with the experienced pros. i don't think that will be a problem..BYE!

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