Redskins In-Depth Chart: Right Tackle

Leading up to training camp, is taking a look at the Redskins' position by position. Our in-depth chart will continue through all of the positions. Today, a look at the right tackle spot.

Starter: Jon Jansen
Seventh NFL season, all with Redskins
2005—Started 16 games

Resume: Jansen was ready to return to form as "The Rock" on the offensive line after having missed the entire 2004 season with a torn Achilles tendon. He eventually did, but it was a struggle for him as he played for virtually the entire season suffering from the effects of having a broken thumb on each hand. While he joked that it cut down on the number of holding calls he was hit with, the situation did hamper his blocking for much of the year. Still, he had a very good year and received some votes for some All-NFC teams.

'06 Outlook: You've heard it a lot because it's true: If Mark Brunell can stay in one piece all year, the Redskins have a legitimate shot at winning it all. Should he go down, all bets are off. As Brunell's blindside protector, Jansen bears a large share of the burden in making sure that the quarterback remains upright.

Said about Jansen: "I think he makes a big difference, not only by playing, but also in the locker room, too. . . He's one of the guys you can count on. He's someone you'd want with you in the foxhole if you got into a fight."—Joe Gibbs

The inside juice: One personal goal that Jansen has long held but has never achieved is to play in the Pro Bowl. If the Redskins have success that meets the expectations this year, he just may finally get that opportunity.

Depth: Jim Molinaro has yet to establish himself as a legitimate backup in two seasons after being drafted. Should he continue to struggle, a longshot such as Jonta Woodard, a 6-4, 317 former Louisville Cardinal with some CFL experience or Chris Pino, a rookie free agent from San Diego State, may be able to fill the void. If you read this as saying that there is no depth at this position and that Jansen had better remain "The Rock" and continue to play virtually every snap of every game, you'd probably be right.

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