Redskins A to Z is here!!

It is like no book that has ever been written. The Redskins From A to Z, Part 1: The Games, by Rich Tandler, is a Redskins fan's dream come true. The book chronicles every one of the 925 regular season and playoff games the Redskins have played since their move to Washington in 1937 with an original game story and other details.

The book is now available at the author's Website, Redskin fans can take advantage of special, limited time offers such as getting free shipping and handling. The book is available exclusively at the Website and through mail order at a price of $19.95.


"It's a combination of a reference book and a tome that one can thumb through for pleasure," said the author. "The reader will be able to pick it up and use it to settle an argument with a fellow fan about what transpired during a particular game. Another day, he or she will sit down with the book and read it for the sake of reliving cherished memories."


What makes the book unique is its completeness. Tens of thousands of books have been written about college and professional sports teams; none of them has covered every contest that a team has ever played in the detail seen in The Redskins From A to Z.


"I wasn't setting out to break any new ground," said Tandler. "Actually, I was kind of surprised to find out that nobody had done anything like this before."


In addition to the accounts of game action that Tandler wrote using personal observations, news coverage, game tapes, NFL Films highlights, and other sources, a wealth of additional nuts and bolts information is included. In addition to a complete scoring summary, details such as the name of the stadium where each game was played and the record of each team at the conclusion of the contest add depth and perspective to each game story. The stage for each season is set with tables of that year's statistical leaders and a list of every player who saw action on the field.


Since this is a one of a kind book, fans who might be interested in purchasing it are encouraged to "try before you buy." Dozens of excerpts from the book are available at the Web site, Buyers of The Redskins From A to Z will also have a money-back guarantee.


Tandler explained why he is willing to give away so much of the book's content. "Nobody has ever seen a book like this before because there has never been one like this one. I want to give each person who might want to buy the book a chance to get a good taste of what it's about before plunking down his or her hard-earned money."

The Redskins From A to Z is not available in bookstores. It can be purchased only through and by mail order. The book will be published by Walking Encyclopedia Publications.


The author is a contributing writer for Warpath, a weekly Redskins publication, and World Wide Redskins and was the writer and publisher for pioneer Internet sites The Pro Report and E-Skins. He also writes, produces, and performs the "Redskins Rewind" segment on the Redskins Review, a weekly radio show on Sports Radio 910 in Richmond, Virginia.


Rich Tandler resides in Midlothian, Virginia.


Contact Rich Tandler or 804.380.2560

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