In-Depth Chart: Left Defensive Tackle

Leading up to training camp, is taking a look at the Redskins' position by position. Our in-depth chart will continue through all of the positions. Joe Salave'a anchors this position, and there may be a youth movement in the backup spots.

Starter: Joe Salave'a
: 7th NFL Season 3rd as a Redskin
: Started 13 games

Resume: Joe Salave'a may already have surpassed Herb Mul-key as the best Redskin ever with a punctuation mark in his last name. He earned the respect of teammates and fans alike by playing for much of the season with a painful foot injury that would have had most mortal men at home on the couch. As it was he missed just a couple of games. His play was as tough as he was as he filled his role as a space eater in the middle to perfection.

Joe Salave'a

Said about Salave'a: I'm very proud of him. I was with him in his infancy in this league. I've razzed him [over the years]. I was on him pretty hard when we first drafted him back in Tennessee. He came into camp, had an injury right off the bat, and wasn't able to practice. He still has never let me live that down because he thought I was overly harsh on him when he first started as a rookie and couldn't practice for about two and a half weeks when he first came to camp. For whatever reason, there is a guy that you almost have to knock on the head to not let him play.—Gregg Williams

John Keim's Inside Juice: Not that this group needs it, but Salave'a provides even more of the blue-collar attitude. He was the unwanted one a couple years ago and plays as if he's reminded of that each day. Few would have played as long as he did with the plantar fasciitis. It was painful to watch him stand up at his locker after games. He won't post big numbers, but he will allow others to do just that.

Golston, Montgomery, Boschetti, Killings

Depth: The players who were the backups here last year, Ryan Boschetti and Cedric Killings, are being challenged for roster spots by draft choices Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston. When Salave'a and right tackle Cornelius Griffin were sidelined with injuries at various times during midseason, Killings was healthy enough to take advantage of his shot and the coaches didn't think enough of Boschetti to put him in the lineup. They will be pushed hard by the rookies this year and it wouldn't be surprising if one or both of them failed to make the final roster.

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