In-Depth Chart: Right Defensive Tackle

Leading up to training camp, is taking a look at the Redskins' position by position. Cornelius Griffin creates havoc in the middle of the defensive line and the Redskins defense starts with him. Our in-depth chart will continue through all of the positions.

Starter: Cornelius Griffin

Experience: 7th NFL season, 3rd with Redskins

2005: Started 12 games


Resume: Griffin is everything you want in an NFL defensive tackle; he's big, athletic and plays with a motor that rarely even slows down, much less quits. After being denied a clearly-deserved Pro Bowl spot in 2004, having been a major force in Washington 's defensive turnaround, injuries that sidelined him for four games cost him a shot at a trip to Hawaii last year. Regardless, he'll continue to plug up the middle of the line allowing the linebackers and safeties to make plays. Not that Griffin doesn't make any himself. His sack, strip, and fumble recovery on Chicago's Kyle Orton sealed the Redskins' win over the Bears in the season opener and on Dallas' first offensive play at FedEx Field he gathered in a tipped Drew Bledsoe pass setting up the Skins' initial score in their rout of the Cowboys.


Said about Griffin: He's as active as any defensive tackle in the league. I don't know another defensive tackle in the NFL I'd rather have right now than Cornelius. I really wanted to draft him, but I didn't get the opportunity [in Tennessee]. When he became available [in 2004], I was excited about the opportunity to hook up with him because we had done a lot of research when he came out for the draft.—Gregg Williams

John Keim's Inside Juice: The true anchor of the line. Griffin's play against the run, and his ability to create havoc in the backfield, sets a defensive tone. He might miss a couple games a year because of injuries, but when he's in the game, his presence is noticed. The double teams he commands in the middle will free up Daniels on the outside.

Golston, Montgomery, Boschetti, Killings

Depth: The Redskins drafted a pair of defensive tackles; Anthony Montgomery of Minnesota was taken in the fifth round and Kedric Golston of Georgia was a sixth-round pick. The team is looking to avoid what happened last year when Griffin went out injured and end Demetric Evans had to move inside to fill in. Montgomery may have been a steal in the fifth round. A history of leg and shoulder injuries pushed Golston to late in the second day and if he can shake that bug he could be a solid backup. Incumbent subs Ryan Boschetti and Cedric Killings had better be looking behind them because these two rookies may be gaining on them.

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