In-Depth Chart: Weak Side Linebacker

Our position by position look at the Redskins continues with the weak side linebacker spot. The hole created by the departure of LaVar Arrington will be filled by Warrick Holdman, who will try to rebound from a subpar 2005 performance.

Starter: Warrick Holdman
Experience: 8th NFL season, 2nd with Washington
2005: Started 16 games

Resume: Holdman was at the center of a storm last season, the disturbance created by his poor play and the fact that he was starting ahead of a healthy LaVar Arrington. You've heard of the Mendoza line--the Holdman line in games often looked more like binary code than football stats, something like 0,1,0 for tackles, assists, and sacks. Gregg Williams raved about him at minicamp and he appears to be better conditioned than he was last year when he was a late free agent signee in May.


John Keim's Inside Juice: He's in better shape and he knows the defense. The Redskins hope that combination results in much better performance than in 2005 when sloppy angles hurt him, and the team. Holdman has played well in the past under some of these defensive coaches. With Rocky McIntosh being a rookie and Chris Clemons unproven as a standup LB, Holdman needs to come through, at least early in the season.

C. Clemons, McIntosh

Depth: Sooner or later Rocky McIntosh will be the starter at this position, assuming that he can overcome his issues with injuries, which caused some mild but legitimate concern around the time of the draft. Chris Clemons may never make the first team but he could be very valuable as a pass rush specialist, especially if Andre Carter playing in front of him can draw multiple blockers.

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