In-Depth Chart: Quarterback

Our position by position look at the Redskins continues with the quarterback spot. Mark Brunell had a comeback season last year but questions about his durability lead some to wonder about the depth there.

Starter: Mark Brunell
Experience: 14th NFL season, 3rd with Washington
2005: Started 15 games

Resume: Mark Brunell was supposed to be in the scrap heap in 2005, a position well earned with his horrible play in 2004. He role was gong to be to back up Patrick Ramsey last year and then fade away in 2006 as a salary cap casualty. Joe Gibbs assured anyone who would listen that this would not necessarily be the case, but nobody listened. At least not until his two touchdown bombs in the late going in Dallas brought the offense back to life and brought life back into his career. Now he's expected to lead a team to the Super Bowl. There are legitimate questio.ns about his durability, but we've all shown how little we all know about Brunell's abilities and Gibbs' faith in him.


John Keim's Inside Juice: The veteran QB looked slow and ineffective at season's end, throwing more flutterballs and showing less ability to escape ends, even as he turned the corner. Was that a sign of things to come? Or was it injuries? But Brunell's veteran savvy should help ease his adjustment to a new offense. It relies on quick decisions, and smart ones, which he can provide. One major worry is his age; athletic QBs tend to fall faster once they start losing their skills. Yes, he's the same age as when Rich Gannon excelled, and Trent Green. But he's also played in about 40 more games than they did at this age. Nobody is more important to the Redskins' success this season than Brunell. How much he has left will determine how far the Redskins go.

Campbell, Collins

Depth: There is no question that Jason Campbell is the team's quarterback of the future; nobody is quite sure, however, if the future is defined as in a few months or in a few years. We will have a better indication of the time frame for his development during the preseason, when he is expected to play extensively. Todd Collins is a veteran backup who knows Al Saunders' system very well, having played under him in Kansas City the past several years. He is an adequate stopgap at best.

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