In-Depth Chart: Left Guard

Our position by position look at the Redskins continues with the left guard postion. Simply put, if Derrick Dockery lives up to his potential he could be a monster at that spot. Consistency is the key.

Starter: Derrick Dockery
: Fourth NFL season, all with Redskins
2005: Started 16 games

Resume: Derrick Dockery grew up some in 2005. His played more consistently than he had in his first two years in the league when he frequently tried to get by on his size (6-6, 345) and strength alone rather leveraging those strengths with the proper technique. If he continues to do this, he'll be an adequate player; if the continues to improve, the next level in consistent dominance. If the Redskins can get this out of him they will have a great asset in Dockery. He's going to be an unrestricted free agent after this year, so he has as much incentive as he'll ever have to 

Derrick Dockery

Said about Dockery: Dock's a different man now. He plays at a very high level now. He has bought into everything and he's playing explosively. At 345 pounds, you need to knock people around.—Joe Bugel

John Keim's Inside Juice: The Redskins say he was consistent last year, but there's no way that was the case all season. Dockery still lunges too much in protection, which gets him in trouble. But he does have good feet for a big man and he did make strides last year. He has Pro Bowl talent.

Ndukwe, Lefotu

Depth: Like on the rest of the offensive line, depth is a big question mark here. Joe Gibbs and Joe Bugel have sung the praises of Ikechudu Ndukwe, a second-year player out of Northwestern who was signed as a backup last November. Nobody has really seen him play so he's a wild card in the mix as is seventh-round draftee Kili Lefotu.  

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