Q&A With Santana Moss

Santana Moss had a breakout season for the Redskins in 2005, setting a team record for receiving yards and made many, as he once called them, big-time plays in big games. He hopes that the addition of two more talented receivers to the roster will let him make even more of those plays.

On his frustrations last season: "The only thing that gets frustrating was when you know you want to be a big part of it and they are taking you out. There is nothing you can do about it, because if you're not open then you don't want the ball. Don't throw to me if I'm not open. I will make sure that I will try as hard as I can every play to get open for you, but don't force it. So when you get those coverages in the game where there is a guy looking you up and a guy over top you kind of say don't force it, but you want the ball."

On his reaction to the signings of Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Lloyd: "I was home when I heard about it and thought we are loading up. I knew who we had just gotten as a coordinator and thought that this is going to be great. From day one since I've been out here and going over the plays with Coach Saunders, everything is what I grew up watching."

On his relationship with the other receivers: ''You can't be out here and let one guy out do you. You have to step your game up, with those guys here it's been nothing but boosting me up out there. We don't have a nickname yet, but once we get out there you can call us what you want to call us. We are similar in that we all want to be playmakers we all want to make the big plays. The difference is that Brandon Lloyd is a taller guy. He's smooth and silky, while I am the quick fast guy, and Randle El is all-purpose. They are cool guys. I look forward to working with guys that don't have egos. They work as one with the team and know that we run the team together."

On Antwaan Randle El: "He's a good receiver. He's been playing a while and played the position long enough now to have everything under his grasp and you can tell he's learned a lot since he's been at this level. I think all of us need to come together and work as one."

On Lloyd's style: ''I like his style. He's a smooth dude and likes to joke around like myself. You need someone to pep you up out there at practice.''

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