Redskins Camp Day 2 Sights and Sounds

The Redskins conducted their second day of practice under brutal conditions on Tuesday, but that didn't seem affect what was a lively session, with Joe Bugel imploring his troops to stop the "[bleeping] patty caking."

...Receiver David Patten remains hospitalized with viral meningitis. He'll likely remain there until Thursday and then probably miss a couple more days while he regains his strength. Fortunately, it's not bacterial meningitis, which is much, much worse.

...Yes, it was hot today. Hard to imagine it's like that considering this is Washington and it's August.

...One guy who keeps popping up: running back Jesse Lumsden. The kid does a decent job getting around the corner and, if nothing else, could be practice squad material.

...I like Andre Carter's quickness; he completely destroyed Jim Molinaro with his speed on one rush. But his play against the run could be suspect: tight end Chris Cooley drove him back with ease on one running play.

...Of course, that could say something about Cooley. Actually, he continues to progress as a blocker and has looked good in that role during camp. Cooley turned Marcus Washington inside on another play.

...Cooley is also a bit, um, nutty. He now wants to grow a mullet. Honestly. He seems to be growing into a Jeremy Shockey, without the edge.

...Receiver Mike Espy continues to make nice grabs. Made another one this afternoon, reaching high to snag a Jason Campbell throw on the sideline.

...Rock Cartwright remains a coach's favorite, but he still has to protect the ball better. Cartwright lost the ball after rookie Reed Doughty hit him.

...Safety Adam Archuleta seems well-prepared, which explains why he's rarely out of position against the run.

...Gregg Williams said rookie linebacker Rocky McIntosh does as good a job as any of his linebackers of shedding blockers. That's something LaVar Arrington never mastered in Washington. Not a knock on LA -- he had other strenghts -- but it was reality.

...Ladell Betts made a nice grab of a Mark Brunell throw today, holding onto the ball while getting drilled by linebackers Lemar Marshall and Marcus Washington.

...At one point, Al Saunders shouted out, ''45 and 30 are playing Redskins football today!'' That would be Mike Sellers and Nehemiah Broughton. Sellers, by the way, ran over Khary Campbell on an inside running drill.

...Right tackle Jon Jansen has not looked sharp just yet. He says the thumb is OK, but, perhaps, maybe it's working against Phillip Daniels that's giving him fits.

...Defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery has easily whipped offensive lineman Ndukwe Ikechuku in one-on-one drills.

...Joe Bugel to his linemen before a morning nine-on-nine session: ''No [bleeping] patty caking in us. Let's go!'' Gotta love the Buges.

...Andre Carter once figured he'd be playing basketball when he was older. He didn't even start playing football until he was 15 -- his dad, ex-Redskins coach Rubin Carter, did not want him to risk injury before then, or get burned out.


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