Kennedy Visit On Despite Failed Physical

Here is the latest on the former Pro Bowl lineman's comback attempt.

Lincoln Kennedy, the former Raiders Pro Bowl offensive tackle who is trying to make a comeback after having been out of the game for two years, will still have a visit with the Washington Redskins, according to sources. The visit apparently still is on despite reports that he failed his physical in a visit to the Cowboys on Tuesday.

At the Cowboys complex on Oxnard, California, Kennedy weighed in at just over 390 pounds, some 60 pounds over his last reported playing weight of 330. Despite this, he was told that his weight per se was not an issue.

"That could conceivably change in the future,'' agent Scott Casterline told, "but the Cowboys did an excellent job making it clear to Lincoln that it wouldn't be in his best interests physically to attempt to play football. Really, we appreciate the opportunity and the information. The Cowboys handled the entire situation very well.''

Although it appeared initially that the developments yesterday would torpedo his planned visit to Redskins Park, we have learned that this is not the case. According to our sources the Redskins still want to see him. That visit will take place in the next couple of days. At this point it is difficult to see a signing come out of that visit, given that this is a team, like most, that demands that its players report to camp in top physical condition. It's doubtful that Joe Gibbs would sign a player in the hopes that he could play himself back into shape, especially for anything more than minimum money and Kennedy is likely to want more than that.

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