Redskins Notes: Camp Battles

The salary cap and all of the preseason workouts have rendered training camp battles for starting positions nearly obsolete. While the Redskins have just a few of them, they are intense.

Weakside linebacker

McIntosh, Holdman

Warrick Holdman holds the edge because of his experience. Until games are played, giving the coaches a chance to see rookie Rocky McIntosh in game action, that will be the case. Holdman hasn't done much noticeable, save for a pop on Santana Moss after a reception. But that's good: Holdman is not a guy who makes many big plays; he just can't surrender them, as he did last season. He's in better shape and knows the defense better. It's still too early to say how much that will help him this season.

As for Rocky McIntosh, the coaches love how well he gets off blocks and how athletic he is. But they haven't shown that they're willing to start rookies immediately; or give them a big role (as we all know, Gregg Williams does not have starters).

Chris Clemons is playing more on the strongside in camp, backing up Marcus Washington.


Frost, Lonie

The Redskins haven't done much with the punting just yet; they've mostly been off on a side field away from the action and not facing a rush. So it's difficult to tell how well a guy like David Lonie is doing. They've seen enough of him on the practice field to know his ability. Lonie, we hear, is optimistic about how things are going. But his first big test will come in the scrimmage against Baltimore on Saturday.


Lloyd, Randle El
OK, this is a bit different because both guys will play a lot. But Brandon Lloyd has to get an edge over Antwaan Randle El. Lloyd has looked OK in the first few days, making his typical athletic catches while Randle El has done his jittery bug act on underneath receptions. Both will work well in this offense. But Lloyd's ability to be a constant deep threat gives him the edge. The curious thing is what happens to Taylor Jacobs, who admits that the likelihood of him winning a roster spot is slim. That is, unless David Patten does not look good this camp.

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