Camp Report, Day 3: Salave'a Returns

It wasn't quite as hot under the lights at Redskins Park, but warm enough as workouts continued.

Joe Salave'a returned to Redskins Park, but did not practice, after missing the first two days because of the death of his mother. Salave'a had been in Samoa for the past week; a son was born two weeks ago.

Clearly, this is not an easy time for the defensive tackle. But he's happy to be back.

''I told them [teammates] that I need them right now more than they need me,'' he said, while holding his 19-month old daughter in his arms.

Santana Moss

...Santana Moss is fabulous to watch. He's so smooth in and out of breaks and catches just about everything in sight. OK, he dropped one tonight, but he more than made up for it with a bunch of nice catches. And he turned Shawn Springs inside-out on one route.

Mike Espy

...The other wideout who has impressed: Mike Espy, the rookie undrafted free agent from Mississippi. He, too, catches just about everything thrown his way. Tonight, he hauled in a deep post from Todd Collins in the end zone.

...Randy Thomas looks good.

...Jon Jansen had a better practice tonight, especially in the one-on-one portion. He wasn't giving in to the inside moves as he had in the past couple days.

...Jim Molinaro has to be on thin ice. He consistently gets stood up in the one-on-one's. Andre Carter, known for his speed rush, bull-rushed Molinaro tonight and knocked him back. Buges got on Molinaro after this one.

But the one guy who appeared to look good in this drill was Jasper Harvey, who did a good job staying low against Ryan Boschetti.

...And Nic Clemons really does seem stronger. He slapped his big paw on Ndukwe Ikechuku and knocked him to the side in the one-on-one's. Ikechuku also got an earful from Buges after one play. We couldn't hear what he said; we could probably guess.

Clinton Portis

...Play of the day: A halfback option toss from Clinton Portis to receiver Richard Smith. After Smith caught the ball, and ran into the end zone, Portis dashed around the field waving his arms towards the fans. The man has fun. He also threw arguably the best ball of his career; it wasn't the typical floating knuckleball of previous seasons.

...The Redskins opted not to work out free agent offensive lineman Lincoln Kennedy.

...Corner Ken Wright has looked good so far, better than I anticipated. He always seems to be around the ball and if his man catches it, there's not much cushion. Espy, though, did beat Wright with one nice inside move midway through the practice.

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