Redskins Notes: Taylor Matter Still Unsettled

According to the Redskins and the NFL, the reports that Sean Taylor has avoided getting tagged with a suspension because of his recent legal troubles are premature.

...If the NFL has decided not to suspend safety Sean Taylor, that's news to the league and the Redskins. An NFL source said no decision has been made and a Redskins source said they have not yet been notified of any ruling. That's not to say the Channel 4 report by George Michael was wrong, just that it couldn't be confirmed.

...Receiver David Patten has been released from the hospital after his bout with viral meningitis.

...Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El continue to make the quarterbacks look good. Randle El made a leaping catch this morning a couple plays before Moss made a diving catch downfield.

...Mark Brunell has looked better the past two days; his missed throws aren't as off as they were on Day 1.

...QB Jason Campbell connected with tight end Buck Ortega for a deep pass. Ortega got past Adam Archuleta, among others, for the catch.

...Defensive tackle Joe Salave'a returned to practice.

...This heat is getting disgusting. Some reporters (yours truly included) bring a change of shirts so they don't have to sit in their own sweat all day. It's not pretty.

...Think the Redskins are still annoyed by the Tuck Rule call in Denver? During the annual league officials visit to Redskins Park, broadcaster Sonny Jurgensen brought up the rule. After official Johnny Grier gave his definition of the rule, Jurgensen replied, ''That's [expletive].'' Of course, he said it in Sonny fashion, with a wry smile.

...One noteworthy change: teams can now challenge plays that have been ruled down by contact, if they result in a fumble and if officials can clearly see who recovered the ball. Officials will also be emphasizing holding, false starts and taunting.

Carlos Rogers did not practice this morning and will not participate in tonight's session due to back spasms.

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