Redskins Beat Ravens (Maybe)

The Redskins beat the Ravens in a scrimmage, 16-14. Then again, the Ravens might have beaten the Redskins, 14-10. OK, it probably depends on who you root for -- or if you even care. And it depends on whether or not Marcus Washington's 39-yard interception return counts as a touchdown -- or was the ball blown dead. Even Washington wasn't sure.

But, considering it's just a scrimmage, it really doesn't matter.

Washington did score a touchdown on a Jesse Lumsden 12-yard run. He finished with six carries for 32 yards. And John Hall added a 37-yarder. Meanwhile, Baltimore scored on touchdown passes

to Quinn Sypniewski and Romby Bryant.

The Redskins' first offense did not play. Backup quarterback Jason Campbell completed four of seven passes for 48 yards. Lumsden led all rushers, but teammate Kerry Carter had three runs for 20 yards. Tight end Robert Johnson led all receivers with 58 yards on three catches.

The fans had a good time. Last year in Baltimore, the fans were dead. You can tell Redskins fans are ready for a big year -- despite the words of caution by Joe Gibbs -- by the way they enjoyed themselves. They even chanted, ''Cowboys suck!'' at one point -- and rather loudly, too. Heck, there were 47,258 in attendance. Know what they used to call that figure in Arizona? A two-game total.

Ten Thoughts:

10. Derrick Frost sent a message to David Lonie. OK, there was no pressure on, but Frostie boomed punts of 55, 62 and 59 yards. Meanwhile, Lonie had punts of 61, a 40-yard flutterball and a 40-yard shank that drew a smattering of boos. The Aussie will now have to improve a lot to unseat Frostie the Rollman.

9. John Hall was one for three. As Danny Smith said afterward, ''One for three ain't good enough. He knows it, I know it. But I love the guy and he'll have a hell of a year.'' Based, exactly, on what?

8. Safety Sean Taylor had two nice pops, one drawing, ''Booom!'' from the crowd when it watched it on replay. Taylor was decisive and came up hard against the run. He also had a miscommunication on a seven-on-seven play resulting in a Ravens' touchdown.

7. If teams try to take away the Redskins' deep game with Cover 2's, then look for lots of Chris Cooley. The Ravens tried this in seven-on-seven's and Mark Brunell kept going to Cooley for nice gains. Brunie looked pretty good, though he did not play in the scrimmage.

6. Jesse Lumsden scored on a 12-yard run, thanks to a huge hole. He only had to cut and run. But other than that, he wasn't special. Kerry Carter, another running back, had one nice run on the side in which he made a guy miss and ran over a Raven defensive back.

5. Marcus Washington is the ultimate team guy. On Taylor's second huge hit, Washington set it up by turning the play inside when he took on two blockers. My guess is that Washington likes those plays every bit as much as the 39-yard interception return for a touchdown.

4. Jason Campbell looked bad; he threw too many passes at receiver's feet. But that's OK; the Redskins do not need him right now, not with Brunell looking solid.

3. Tackle Jim Molinaro looked better in the scrimmage (he played every snap) than he has in one-on-one drills, where he's looked horrible. Molinaro, though, did have a holding call.

2. Robert Johnson needs to improve his hands. The man has size and speed, but he fumbled one ball and, on the next play, dropped another.

1. Safety Reed Doughty plays well against the run, but he had a tough day in coverage. Baltimore's lone scoring toss came when he blew the coverage against the tight end.

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