Kick'n it with Keim

Last week was our first pre season chat with John Keim. Today he gives us some insight from Carlisle. Here is today's chat transcripts for those of you that missed the chat or just want to go back and view it again.

John Keim: Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay.

skinsfan56: How did the 3 qb's look today and who looked the best?

John Keim: Not very good, I'm afraid to say. Rigth now Danny Wuerffel has looked the best.

skinsfan56: any word on D. Gardener?

John Keim: Just called his agent a few minutes ago and haven't heard back. We'll know later and the site will be updated at some point today about him.

Instigator: Do you concur with Peter King that Chris Doering has looked good? You think he makes the team?

John Keim: Yes, he's looked very good. And he looked good all spring, too. Based on his play right now, he has to be ahead in the battle for the fifth or sixth slot (spurrier said they'll probably keep six). Thing is, I want to see him on special teams. that's where he'll have to help the most.

John Keim: Doering runs excellent routes.

riggo66: what are your feelings about the Oline at this point

John Keim: Ugh...They don't know who will play guard. Jones has never played there and even OL coach Kim Helton says he doesn't look comfy there. Loverne has never started. Kipp Vickers hasn't looked better than either one. The guy i like is Ross Tucker. He can help them at three spots. And center Larry Moore should be fine. At least Helton is sold on him and he's a very honest coach.

John Keim: That said, the place you want to build around on the line is at tackle and they're obviously solid there...

skinsfan56: how is Rod Gardener looking? and is J Green looking as good and as fast as they are saying?

John Keim: Rod Gardner has looked OK. Nothing special. Green is as fast as they say. He's looked pretty good at times. I'm anxious to see how he does during games. I think he'll be fine.

skinsfan56: Is Lavar and Trotter all over the field and is Lavar spending alot of time in the backfield?
skinsfan56: have you seen Lavar in a 3 point stance?

John Keim: The thing I've noticed about Trotter is what a strong leader he is on the field. He has a presence. But it's not as if he's dominated. Yet. I really, really like him, however. LaVar, at times gets in the backfield very quick. Just like you'd expect. I haven't liked him yet in a three-point stance. When he's facing a quality tackle he does nothing. Against lesser tackles, he's good.

Hey John, I read that Dotson AND Bruce might not be back until week 6 of the regular season. Now, that is 11 weeks from this weekend. Will it really be THAT long?

John Keim: That's a longshot. They'll only be out that long if they're on the reserve pup list when the season starts. Here's why they put them on there now: if they didn't and then later re-injured the same thing in practice, they might be forced to either go on IR or just take up a roster spot for two months. this way, if they really can't play, they'd go on the pup list and be eligible to return between weeks 6-9. it's doubtful we'll [msg continues in 20 secs] 07/25/02 13:19:25 John Keim: get to that point. they may have lingering problems, but nothing that causes them to miss substantial time (at least not right now). bruce was running sprints yesterday.

skinsfan56: who has impressed you the most so far. I know its early and who has not looked good?

John Keim: Fred Smoot and Champ Bailey have impressed me the most. And, as I said earlier, I really like Trotter. More than I thought I would. I've been disappointed in Shane's performance thus far. Thought he would look the best of the three. And I'm really disappointed that Ramsey isn't in camp. He will suffer because of this.

Instigator: How have the rookies looked? Are the skins really going small on D and putting an LB with his hand on the ground?

John Keim: Rookies who have looked good: Reggie Coleman (at times), Rock Cartwright (made a few nice blocks in a blitz pickup drill today). LaVar will rush from a three-point stance on occasion. It gives them a different look and will provide someoen else a rest. Also, they can then have Wynn rush from tackle, giving him a quickness advantage inside.

riggo66: what in your opinion is the most glaring problem the Skins have as of right now? What needs to be addresed the most?

John Keim: The interior of the offensive line. If that doesn't improve, the offense will have big problems.

sidamogold: John: How much time is Champ Bailey spending with the offense? Any idea if he will have a role in the offense this year? Thx.

John Keim: He ran a reverse yesterday. Spurrier said he'll use him occasionally. But don't look for a big role. Obviously Champ wants to play much more offense than Spurrier will let him.

Instigator: How have free agent RB Gillespie and the OL free agent Paige looked so far?

John Keim: Haven't paid much attention to Gillespie, though he threw a nice block today. Paige has looked all right, but Helton told us today that none of the young guys have stood out so far

spanishomelette: I'm curious about the organization and attitude of training camp...Does it seem organized, chaotic? How would you describe it?

John Keim: It seems organized--no one's milling around and everything seems to have a purpose.

John Keim: Time for one more question... practice beckons!

Instigator: Is Stephen Davis' pass blocking good enough to the offense to work well?

John Keim: We'll see. He's done OK in this role in the past. Today, he whiffed on a block in a one-on-one pass blocking drill against LaVar. To Davis' credit, he asked to run it again and this time made a solid block....Thanks for the questions! We'll do this again next week when I'll have much more time. Bye!

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