Tuesday Camp: Brunell Out. Collins Shines

Redskins Training Camp Report Tuesday 08.08.06--With a kick in the calf reducing Mark Brunell to spectator status, Todd Collins and Jason Campbell had their chances to shine at Tuesday afternoon's practice.

....Oh, no! Mark Brunell was kicked in the calf! The season is ending! OK, relax; the veteran QB sat out of the afternoon practice and likely will return Wednesday.

''Sometimes it helps to be 35,'' Brunell said.

...Injuries are slowly mounting. Brunell was one of nine players who sat out at practice today.

...I will say, Todd Collins had one of his best days of practice, throwing a nice deep ball to James Thrash on one occasion. That prompted Al Saunders to sprint downfield with arms raised signalling a touchdown.

...First real fight of camp occured today. Rookie Reed Doughty shoved Mike Sellers on a run and that angered Jon Jansen, who let Doughty know. And that angered fellow rookie Kedric Golston, who let Jansen know. And that led to about 10 seconds of good swings before it was broken up.

''Just a spirited practice,'' Jansen said later. But know this: he was ticked as he left the field after the morning practice.

...Think the defensive coaches liked Golston sticking up for his teammate, and not afraid of a veteran? That stuff gets noticed.

...The Redskins are interested in linebacker Jeff Posey, released by Buffalo on Monday, according to The Washington Examiner. Posey played one season for then-Bills coach Gregg Williams. He's versatile, he can play inside and outside as well as play rush end. He didn't do much on special teams, but likely would have to help in this area if he signs with Washington.

...Offensive tackle Jim Molinaro will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his knee and likely will miss a few weeks. Molinaro had not played well before the injury and this further cripples an already weak area: backup tackle. Tyson Walter played there today, but if he is forced to play there during a game the Redskins are in trouble. Walter is best suited for the interior.

...Carlos Rogers returned to practice, but see the Thrash play above to find out how his day went. Yes, he's the one who was beaten. Smoked, actually.

...The Redskins' receivers, as a group, block pretty well. Richard Smith had a nice one on Sean Taylor this afternoon.

...Lemar Marshall intercepted a pass in the afternoon workout.

...Tight end Christian Fauria made a nice one-handed grab. He's a better blocker than I was told he would be.

...Lighthearted moment of the day: the Redskins ran the option with Antwaan Randle El running around right end and then flipping back to Rock Cartwright. The play failed miserably. Al Saunders simply smiled at Randle El and shrugged his shoulders. Hey, worth a shot.

...In the morning practice, Joe Sykes consistently beat Jon Jansen in one-on-one drills. That's not a good sign. We're guessing that Jansen is still hindered by the thumb and the protective cast. Sykes also drilled Walter backward; another bad sign. Unless, of course, you're Joe Sykes.

...Nehemiah Broughton is a physical blocker and could help in this area. The question I have is: is he quick enough to beat the defender to the spot? He had a nice collision with Marcus Washington today, but it was too deep in the backfield and forced the back to cut sooner than he'd like.

...The Redskins have their fingers crossed with the punting situation. It's not the best and they know it. But the options are limited now. They're hoping one emerges to find some consistency.

...John Hall is tired of talking about his injuries. Here's a tip: stay healthy.

...Dennard Wilson was put on the waived/injured list. Soon as he's healthy (he's undergoing surgery Wednesday), he'll be cut with a settlement. They signed Ben Emanuel, who started eight games last year for San Francisco.

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