Camp Notes: Thursday

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier plans on scoring lots of points. After the first two days it appeared the Redskins would do anything but that. Finally, this afternoon, the Redskins found a drill which made the offense look good.

Washington spent most of the afternoon working on its red zone offense, throwing passes from the 20-yard-line and in. Surprisingly, after the passing game stumbled the past few practices, the quarterbacks were sharp. At least sharper than they had been.

Shane Matthews got it started when he hit receiver Rod Gardner in the left corner for a score. Gardner and Fred Smoot both got their hands on the ball, but Gardner pulled it away. Danny Wuerffel threw a scoring pass to receiver Jacquez Green over the middle, beating safety David Terrell. And Matthews later connected with Kevin Lockett in the corner.

Not everything was perfect, however: Smoot deflected a Sage Rosenfels pass to Gardner. And rookie corner Rashad Bauman broke up another throw. End Otis Leverette tipped a Matthews pass.

It was finally a good outing for the quarterbacks. In the three-man race, Wuerffel has looked the best, ahead of Matthews and then Rosenfels. Wuerffel has been the most steady and one Redskins lineman raved about his ability to gather the players on the field. He might emerge as the best of all.

. . . Rookie corner Fred Smoot doesn't like to be beaten. That much is apparent. After receiver Derrius Thompson snuck past him for a nice touchdown grab, Smoot complained that Thompson had pushed off. A few minutes later, Smoot shouted over to director of player development, John Jefferson, standing on the sidelines, and said, ''Who the refs working for J.J.? Who are they working for?''

. . . Defensive lineman Carl Powell lined up at both left and right end today. FYI: Powell used a four-point stance at right end, something few linemen do.

. . . Rookie fullback Rock Cartwright threw two nice blocks in a one-on-one pass-blocking drill. First he stopped linebacker Eddie Mason and later did the same versus linebacker Jeremiah Trotter.

. . . Defensive tackle Del Cowsette has impressed coach Ricky Hunley with his burst. Cowsette missed a lot of practice time this past offseason because of a wrist injury. But that didn't stop center Larry Moore from driving Cowsette out of the way on one play this morning.

. . . Defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis' son, Marcus, has attended each practice. Today, he ran a drill with running backs coach Hue Jackson, while the rest of the team worked on special teams. Marcus Lewis held a ball near his head, as if he were a quarterback, and moved in the direction that Jackson pointed. Proud papa beamed nearby.

John Keim also covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers.

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