Tuesday Training Camp: Fan's View

We've invited one of our most insighful CPND board members to give his perspective on Tuesday's practice. Look for Kurt's perspective on camp sessions for the remainder of the practices open to fans.

Yesterday was the coolest day thus far at Redskins Park, mostly sunny, temperature in the mid-80's with a light breeze blowing as the Washington Redskins took to the field for their afternoon practice, right around 4:00. In what seems to be the normal routine, the team ran out to the far side field to begin warming up, with the offense on one end of the field and the defense on the other. The Special Teams unit once again came out onto the field closest to the crowd of cheering fans.

Shortly thereafter, the OL ran to the far side of the close field, to work on formations and the blocking sled. The QBs ran over to the field adjacent to the close field, with Mark Brunell in sweatpants and jersey, no pads. He was kicked in the calf in the morning practice, and kept out of the afternoon practice as a precautionary measure. Brandon Lloyd did not practice either, watching from the sidelines in shorts and no pads. However, Carlos Rogers was in pads and practiced, as did a seemingly healthy David Patten.

After a few minutes, the entire team congregated back onto the close field to do stretching exercises. Shortly thereafter, the team broke into offense and defense units again, staying on the close field to do intrasquad scrimmages, with the defense working on running plays, and the offense executing passes. The starting OL and DL went to the far field to work on one on one drills, unfortunately they were out of my viewpoint so I cannot report on what happened.

After about 10 minutes, the team gathered again on the close field and began 11 on 11 play, with Jason Campbell under center. He started off a little shaky, throwing a very pretty spiral, right into triple coverage. Next throw, Campbell badly overthrew a WR to his left, to the bemusement of the fans in attendance. He did settle down as the scrimmage went on, hitting David Patten for 30 yards down the right sideline. Campbell threw a low ball to Christian Fauria, who made a nice one-handed catch to reel it in.

Todd Collins took over next, and really looked sharp, making good throws all over the field, displaying a light touch on underneath passes to Christian Fauria and Kerry Carter, yet showing a decent arm in hitting a wide open James Thrash on what had to be a 60 yard touchdown throw, then hitting Santana Moss cutting across the middle for another TD (although Collins would've been sacked by Demetric Evans if it had been a real game). Collins also showed his receiving skills, as the team worked on several gadget plays, including one where the QB hands the ball off to a RB, then goes out as a receiver, down the left sideline.

The hit of the day came when a charging Rock Cartwright ran into Ade Jimoh as Rock ran the ball, almost running Jimoh over. The slap of the pads reverberated around Redskins Park as the crowd cheered in delight.

Cornelius Griffin broke up a pass at the line of scrimmage on one play, and Andre Carter continues to get good pressure around the edge. Lemar Marshall had a nice INT against a really mediocre Casey Bramlet, who will be looking for another job come September. Carlos Rogers looked good in coverage; he seems to over his back spasms.

Jesse Lumsden and Kerry Carter continue to make the running back situation difficult to call, has they both had good practices, running hard and fast. Clinton Portis took it easy today; the coaching staff is beginning to lighten the load a bit on the definite starting players.

Around 6:15, the coaches ended the practice, making it the shortest session so far. The OL went back over to the blocking sled to work a little more as the rest of the team shuffled off of the field, with the QB's and RB's staying to stretch out on the field. Coach Gibbs came over to the crowd to sign autographs, and I took that as my chance to beat the crowd out of the parking lot. Overall, I'd say that today Todd Collins took a nice step up, he really looked sharp today, and I have faith in him being able to step in should Mark Brunell get hurt. Jason Campbell continues to show promise, but is inconsistent and looks to need more time in this system. The running backs are in full season form, as are the wide receivers and defense. The big question mark is the OL, more specifically the back ups. If something happens to ANY of our starters, we may be in trouble, especially with Jim Molinaro getting injured. I would keep my eye out for any veteran free agent Offensive linemen out there.

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