Redskins Camp Insider: Team Confident in Hall

Redskins Training Camp Insider 08.11.06--The medical personell have found nothing seriously wrong with rookie lineman Kili Lefotu, although they're still not sure what made him pass out on Tuesday. On the field, Jon Jansen likes his new thumb brace and the team has found and corrected a flaw in John Hall's kicking mechanics.

...Kili LeFotu is fine. The rookie guard might be released from the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington Friday morning. He'll stay overnight for further tests and observations.

As of now, doctors aren't sure what caused him to get sick Wednesday night and eventually pass out. But he was not unconscious when he was found in his dorm room at the National Conference Center in Leesburg.

LeFotu had called the security desk at NCC and asked them to call 9-1-1. They arrived about a minute before a Redskins security guard and medical personnel did. He passed out while they were there, but they never needed to perform CPR on him.

There's no history of this by LeFotu, who, like the others, had to pass a physical before training camp.

Director of Sports Medicine Bubba Tyer said he's not sure if it was life threatening or not. Scary? Absolutely.

...Clinton Portis dropped a swing pass today. Funny, but he seems like someone who should be a better receiver than he is. However, he drops too many to be in a Priest Holmes-type category in this offense or Marshall Faulk. Both were excellent receivers. Portis does many things well, but catching the ball is not high on the list.

...The Redskins say they're not worried about John Hall after his two misses last week. They say he was leaning too far to the left on his misses, something they immediately picked up on film.

...Taylor Jacobs (groin) and Jesse Lumsden (hip) did not practice. Their status for Sunday is uncertain.

...Ade Jimoh is out for at least a week after suffering a sternum injury. It's similar to, but not as bad, as the one suffered by Fred Smoot a couple years ago. Smoot missed just one game. Jimoh will not play this week, but might return for the Aug. 19 game against the Jets.

...Ataveus Cash dropped two punts today. When he caught the third, the crowd gave him a mild applause.

...David Lonie was booming some balls, but until he does it in a game, we say: big deal. He can't gag like he did against the Ravens. Derrick Frost, meanwhile, had a decent day. He had a couple boomers and a couple high short punts. He needs to improve his directional punting.

...Chris Cooley's outfits are, um, interesting. Today, he wore bright yellow socks and gray sweats cut a few inches below the knee.

...Jasper Harvey had a nice kickout block on Robert McCune today. Harvey flashes every once in a while. Might be a guy worth keeping around on the practice squad.

...Jon Jansen is much happier now that he has a smaller brace to protect his right thumb. Jansen looked better, too. The brace is much less restrictive, allowing him more flexibility and full use of his fingers. He can clasp onto a lineman better.

...Renaldo Wynn destroyed Jon Alston three times in a row.

...James Thrash did a nice out-and-up against Kenny Wright, hauling in a long pass from Todd Collins. By the way, Collins will be the No. 2 QB Sunday.

...Linebacker Warrick Holdman made a nice play in the end zone. On a play-action pass, he closely defended Robert Johnson. When Mark Brunell's pass arrived, Holdman batted it down.

...Johnson and fellow tight end Buck Ortega were told, ''That's not good enough on the end!'' by Al Saunders. Johnson is massive, but he has bad form as a blocker.

...Jon Jansen buried Phillip Daniels on one run. Not sure if Daniels was off-balance when Jansen started driving him.

...In Saunders' offense, receivers will line up in the backfield and help in pass protection. James Thrash has done some of that in the past. David Patten did it today, starting on the right and rushing to pick up an end on the left. All they have to do is chip them a little; they have them block on quick passes.

...Pierson Prioleau picked off a Brunell pass intended for Moss in the left flat of the end zone. Brunell didn't put much zip on the throw; not sure if he saw Prioleau.

...Gregg Williams is convinced Sean Taylor is ready for a big year. Says his understanding of the defense has improved, allowing him to trust his speed more and cheat a little to make plays. I'm convinced of the same thing.

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