Redskins Notes: Patten Safe

David Patten hasn't been very visible since returning to camp, but he's still expected to contribute this year.

...David Patten might have fallen in the rotation, but don't expect him to fall out of favor with the coaches. Stan Hixon was emphatic today that Patten has a spot on this team. They expect Patten to contribute this season; they also remember well how they had little receiver depth at the end of last season.

Patten has started to look like his old self. Don't forget: last summer, Patten looked better than Santana Moss.

...Sometimes, you find a longshot player you hope lands a roster spot. Karon Riley might be that guy for me; he's a good quote and intelligent. What more can a reporter ask for? Riley had two sacks last week, but he still has a ways to go to clinch a spot.

...Receiver Brandon Lloyd did not practice today because of a hamstring injury. He'll likely be a gametime decision.

...Moss said he harbors no ill will toward the Jets, who traded him to the Redskins last offseason. Why? Well, look how it turned out. ''I'm thankful,'' Moss said.

...The veteran players were able to leave the National Conference Center and head home. But breaking camp has lost some of its meaning. In the past, it meant fleeing Carlisle or Frostburg. Then, it was very common to get passed on the highway by a player going well over the speed limit (not that we weren't, either). But, back then, camp was six weeks long, or at least four to five. So the chance to go home was greeted with lead feet.

...Don't think that Marcus Washington playing left end in practice is somehow revealing or a major deal. Washington did this last season at times, too. It's just one more package for the creative defensive staff to use.

...Mark Brunell continues to look sharp, throwing bullets to Antwaan Randle El and James Thrash today. Brunell looked particularly good on the latter toss, stepping up into the pocket and applying even more force to the throw.

...Nehemiah Broughton made a nice one-handed diving catch today. I like Broughton's physical style.

...Linebacker Robert McCune knocked a pass free from tight end Buck Ortega. Can't imagine Ortega has much of a chance to earn a roster spot. He's just too small; the coaches have tried to get him to add weight, but it's been hard for him.

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