Preview: Jets at Redskins

Better showing: OK, it's the preseason but the 'Skins still need to play better, especially on offense. They don't need to show much, but they do need to cut out the dumb throws, etc., and put together a couple nice drives. That's about all that matters. Defensively, the first unit was excellent.

On the spot: Cornerback Ken Wright. We know what Ladell Betts can do in Washington; it's what he's done the past couple years. He's a power runner with pretty good hands. But all we know about Wright is that he had a tough first game. And the guy he's backing up, Shawn Springs could miss a while. So Wright needs to play well for the defense to succeed. He's physical and has looked pretty good in practice, but he must play well in games to give others confidence.

Keep an eye on: Defensive end Karon Riley. He had two sacks last week and might get more of a shot tonight against better players -- last week he faced guys who, Gregg Williams said, would be cut. If Riley wants to make the team, he needs to do more. Also, see how Robert McCune plays at middle linebacker. He appeared to play pretty well last week. His future, though, will be made by his play on special teams. That's why Chris Clemons was cut. It wasn't the injury; he would have been cut regardless.

Welcome back: Patrick Ramsey. He'll get plenty of action tonight, but will we see a changed QB? Our spies in New York tell us that Ramsey continued to be plagued by happy feet early in training camp. They say that's decreased, but let's see how he handles the blitzes. Still, we wish Ramsey well: he handled last year's demotion unbelievably well.

Welcome back II: Laveraneus Coles. How'd that trade demand work out? Well, it worked out well for the Redskins. Meanwhile, Coles is back with a rebuilding team with coaches and a front office who did not trade for him. The guy will play hard because he always does, but don't you think he'd rather be with a team that will be wide open and has a chance to win. Like, say, the Redskins? But here's the thing: the Redskins' offense changed dramatically because of Santana Moss' talents. He gave the Redskins what they lacked.

Pay attention to: Linebacker Rocky McIntosh. He'll play in the 3-4 set with the first unit and he's impressing with his strength. I love how he takes on blockers -- and where. McIntosh tends to beat them to the spot, forcing ballcarriers to cut before they want to. He appears to have been a solid pick.

Rookie report: We can't say as much about the other rookies in camp. Reed Doughty has a long ways to go; Kedric Golston has a good motor but was knocked off the ball too often last week and Anthony Montgomery has mostly been hurt and Kili LeFotu has been slowed by his illness. Of course, all were low-round picks and should be considered projects. Golston seems to have a chance to help; he does well in the one-on-one sessions, facing mostly backups..

QB rotation: Jason Campbell will be the No. 2 quarterback tonight. It'll be interesting to see how he handles possibly more pressure. Facing the cuttable guys in Cincy last week, Campbell had all sorts of time. It would be good for the Redskins if he were pressured; they'll learn even more about how he handles tough situations. Campbell has progressed nicely; Todd Collins has not. But Collins' knowledge of the offense gives him a considerable edge in the coaches eyes. For now.

No battle: Between receivers Mike Espy and David Patten for a roster spot. In a word, it's ridiculous to think that's the case. Espy is a nice receiver who has a made a couple good grabs in practice. But he's raw and still learning how to run the proper routes; a good practice squader or maybe the sixth wideout (only if he does well on special teams). Meanwhile, Patten is a veteran who gives them depth, something Joe Gibbs craves (doesn't every coach). Patten can play in a game and contribute; could Espy? Besides, Stan Hixon said the other day that Patten wasn't going anywhere. Case closed.

They're out: Curry Burns (hamstring), Ataveus Cash (hamstring), Phillip Daniels (back), Ade Jimoh (sternum), Jim Molinaro (knee), Cinton Portis (shoulder), Kevin Simon (abdomen), Richard Smith (ankle), Shawn Springs (abdomen).

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