Good News: It Doesn't Count

Three words injected hope into an otherwise gloomy night. It … didn't … count. And the Redskins are fortunate for that, given the mistakes they made on each side of the ball and on special teams. It was an all-around dismal evening, evidenced by the final score.

‘'We didn't play good at all and that's it,'' Gibbs said. ‘'We all need to take a serious hard look at this. … It's all of us.''

He's right about that. The defense didn't shut down a weak offense; the special teams allowed a kick return for a touchdown and the offense produced little. It was hardly the look of a playoff contender. Yet, it's important to remember that it's still mid-August. Perhaps the best sight in the locker room was the scowls on the face of key veterans such as Joe Salave'a.

For the record, the Jets took a 7-0 lead on a 61-yard reverse by Brad Smith. The Redskins tied it at 7 on a 1-yard Rock Cartwright run. New York scored the next 20 points – on a Leon Washington 87-yard kickoff return, two field goals by Mike Nugent and a 5-yard pass to Reggie Newhouse. Washington's Buck Ortega caught a 30-yard pass for the Redskins' final score.

Not so special: The kick coverage unit was dreadful in the first half, allowing returns of 47 and 87 yards, the latter for a touchdown. But should you be concerned? Probably not. Kick return regulars such as Ade Jimoh, Mike Sellers and Rock Cartwright were not on the field – those are three ‘'starters'' on special teams. And, of the six guys who patrolled the middle of the unit – where the damage was done – four either won't make the final roster or would be mostly inactive.

P-U: Derrick Frost. He was terrible. He kicked one out of the end zone from the 34; he booted a line drive from his own end zone and hit another line drive that resulted in a long return. Alas, David Lonie is not a legit option, though he had a nice, high 46 yarder that resulted in a fair catch. This will be a problem.

Bad night: Linebacker Robert McCune. But it was because of his play on special teams, which will determine his future. McCune did not do a good job in kick coverage and then was called for a holding penalty on a kick return. He has the speed and power to be effective, but he hasn't put it together.

Defensive woes: Big plays hurt the Redskins' first-team defense, continuing a trend from last season. This time, a reverse ended up going 61 yards for a touchdown, thanks to a couple missed tackles.

Offensive player of the game: Tight end Buck Ortega caught two passes for 35 yards, including a 30-yard touchdown when the linebacker fell down. Hey, it was a long night; this is all we could muster from this debacle.

Defensive player of the game: Linebacker Marcus Washington was his usual active self, setting up a teammate for a sack, plugging holes and shedding blockers. All the typical stuff that we like.

Nice play: Antwaan Randle El caught a 28-yard pass on a play that will be hard to defend if teams use a three-deep zone, which the Jets did. Why? On the play, tight end Chris Cooley ran a deep drag from right to left, holding one safety; and Santana Moss ran a fly route down the right side, holding another safety. That left Randle El in solo coverage for an easy catch down the right seam. If needed, the running back runs a bubble route on that same side.

Whiff: Safety Adam Archuleta had a reputation in St. Louis for missing tackles. He did it again Saturday night, whiffing on a 13-yard run in the first quarter. Archuleta later recorded a sack. But he must improve his tackling.

QB report: Jason Campbell made the correct read on his interception, but he made a bad decision. There was an on-sight adjustment that the receiver did not make. Campbell, though, forced the pass that ended up getting picked. At least the kid bounced back all right; he's not afraid to make the aggressive throw.

Rookie report: Rocky McIntosh played with the first unit, though only as the fourth linebacker in a 3-4 set. He was fine and again showed an ability to blow up plays by taking on blockers. But Warrick Holdman has been solid this preseason and hasn't shown any reason why he shouldn't start. Backup right tackle Kili LeFotu did a decent job. Anthony Montgomery has slow feet, but is strong and can stand his ground most of the time.

Improved outing: Ken Wright. He had a sack, playing off a nice spin move by Marcus Washington. Wright also broke up a pass, coming over the shoulder of Laveranues Coles to break it up.

Offensive shutdown: The Redskins haven't done much offensively, but they also haven't used but a smidgen of their playbook. They look much different in practice than they do in games, in terms of what they run.

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