Camp report: Monday

Training camp is the time for players to get ready for the grind of the season. Apparently, a few fans were trying to get them ready for the taunts they hear as well.

This morning, a few fans were a bit more vocal than the others.

To Danny Wuerffel: ''What's a QB doing with damn gloves on? Heisman what? That's why you don't throw sidearm [after a pass was deflected].''

To Steve Spurrier: ''Give me a good play! I want a flea flicker, Stevie Boy, Stevie Wonder!''

To Fred Smoot, while covering Jacquez Green: ''Hold him Smoot! Hold him!''

One fan shot a message to end Bruce Smith the other day. He kept shouting Smith's name and when he finally looked his way, the fan shouted, ''Retire!''

We're guessing that some of these fans asked for autographs later.

. . . The Redskins starting back seven is the strength of the team. They might also be the heartbeat. Before taking part in the 7-on-7 passing drills today, the group gathered in a circle, hopped up and down and whooped it up. Then they went out and made one nice play after another.

. . . Spotted on High Street: Steve Spurrier driving two of his assistant coaches on a golf cart, drawing a laugh or two from passers-by.

. . . Dan Wilkinson is trying to get in better shape. He stayed after practice this afternoon to run sprints with linebackers Eddie Mason and Jeremiah Trotter. Wilkinson ran hard.

. . . Ross Tucker worked with the first string at right guard. OL coach Kim Helton said he'd consider starting Wilbert Brown at center and moving Larry Moore to guard. But that's only if the guard situation doesn't improve. That's also a strong indication of how much they like Brown. By the way, Tucker subbed for Kipp Vickers, out with a sore knee. He's expected to be ready for Japan. . . . Donovan Arp, Otis Leverette and Del Cowsette are fast becoming among my favorites just for the amount of work they put in. All three stayed after practice for 40 minutes this morning, baking in the hot sun to work on fundamentals. This afternoon, one of their drills involved assistant defensive line coach DeChon Burns putting his hand on their pads and they would slap it off as fast as possible. They might not do much, but it won't be from lack of effort.

. . . The special teams coaches worked on blocking, focusing on punt returns. Best footwork: linebacker Eddie Mason. He did what assistant special teams coach Jim Collins implored the others to do: ''Keep your feet moving! Drive, drive, drive! Find him and punch him!'' All they had to do was look at Mason to see the right way to do it.

. . . The Redskins also worked on their flyers, the outside guys on punt coverage. Defensive back Chandler Smith had it the worst, trying to get downfield against Kevin Lockett and Rod Gardner. The latter had a reputation for dropping things last year, but he never let go of Smith's jersey on the way downfield.

. . . The temperature on the field today reached 100 degrees, 17 shy of last week's hottest day.

. . .Arrington wore No. 56 today, switching from his usual practice number of 11. ''I did it for the fans,'' Arrington joked. ''I wanted to give you guys something to write about.'' And there we just did.

John Keim also covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers.

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