On the Warpath in Carlisle - Gallery II

So many fans told us how much they enjoy the photo galleries, so we decided to do another one. These photos are from day 1 of camp. If you didn't make it to Carlisle, these photos will get you as close to the action as we can get you without sending you to camp! We will keep these popular galleries going throughout the pre-season.

From left to right, Ethan Albright (77), Stephen Davis (48) and newcomer Akil Smith (64)get ready to do some Capitol Offense!
Click here for Ethan Albright's player profile
Click here for Stephen Davis's player profile
Click here for Akil Smith's player profile

Practice has begun!

Former Chicago Bears QB Shane Matthews (6) came out looking rusty on day one.
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More Shane Matthews (6)

QB Sage Rosenfels (18) has looked the best thus far of the 3 QB"s vying for the starting job.
Click here for Sage Rosenfels player profile

WR Justin Skaggs (16) does his warmup stretches before practice.
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The Ball coach himself, Steve Spurrier watching to see who will be his starting QB.

The Ball coach with QB Shane Matthews

The Ball coach with QB Sage Rosenfels.

Our next gallery will feature the defense from camp from Wednsday's practices.

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