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Camp is moving as fast as the speed of light or so it appears. Japanese wide receiver Akihito Amaya is gearing up for the big game Saturday night in Osaka Japan, and we take a look at who said what to whom, and what happened on and off the field, in today's 1st edition of Quotes & Notes

. . . Receiver Emmett Johnson has looked OK at times on offense. But he didn't win many points in the special teams drills. He appeared to avoid either running with the ball or tackling, which prompted special teams coach Mike Stock to say, ''Hey Emmett, are you on this team or what?'' . . . The Redskins worked on receiver screens, focusing on having the receiver run to the ball rather than sit back and wait for it. . . .Carl Powell started at right end today, but wasn't very impressive. On one play, tight end Robert Royal drove him downfield. . . . Japanese wide receiver Akihito Amaya practiced running the reverse play he'll likely get on Saturday (the one they ran in practice would have lost eight yards). Later, he had his translater take a picture of Amaya with the other Redskins' receivers. . . . Overheard on the field: defensive backs coach George Catavolos to corner Darrell Green, ''Good job on your technique on that. You had a lot better communication on that one.''

. . . Receiver Justin Skaggs caused quarterback Shane Matthews and coach Steve Spurrier to wince a bit today. On one high Matthews pass, Skaggs didn't attempt to catch the ball. Spurrier said, ''Jump up and catch the ball. What's the matter Justin? Why didn't you try?''

. . . Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter showed his skill at blitzing today, anticipating the snap almost to perfection. After one blitz, he chopped his hand, as if to say that's what he would have done to the quarterback. He blitzed one play later, but Akil Smith picked him up. Still, Trotter collapsed the pocket on this one.

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