Redskins Lay an Egg in Foxboro

The Redskins wore a look of urgency all week. Gregg Williams, in a grouchy mood, barked at his defenders. The players spoke of the need to play better. Joe Gibbs wanted a better performance, so they practiced a couple days in full pads. And it didn't matter.

The Redskins still laid a major egg.

So, instead of giving fans a reason not to be concerned or to answer questions, the Redskins instead went the other way. Now it's hard to know what to make of this group.

It's obvious to state based on the final score, but here it goes: the Redskins were never in this game. Not from the start when the kick coverage unit, with more of its core players than last week, gave up a long return.

The Patriots led 10-0 after one quarter and 20-0 at halftime -- when the Redskins' starters remained in the game. The starters played into the third quarter, not that it mattered. Here's why: the offense went three-and-out and the defense surrendered yet another touchdown drive.
It was hardly the way to respond to two already lackluster outings.

Tough night for: Everyone. But some stood out. Jon Jansen got whipped by a few Patriots. He and Randy Thomas also failed to pick up two stunts, both of which led to sacks. Kenny Wright looked terrible, with one shoulder-tackle attempt that failed and poor coverage. Adam Archuleta missed his usual couple tackles.

And also: Carlos Rogers. If Shawn Springs can't play early in the season, Rogers must take a big step forward. He was called for two pass interference penalties. He's playing tight coverage, so that's good. But he's also committing penalties.

Soft spot: The Patriots exploited Washington's soft middle with the tight end. The safeties either don't react well or they need to change coverages. When they used a cover-2, the Pats time and again hurt them down the middle.

Carter country: Andre Carter has barely sniffed the quarterback. He seems to have just one move -- or at least that's all he's shown. And if he can't use his speed, he can't get by a tackle.

Defensive star: Are you kidding?

Offensive star: See above.

Typical: Derrick Frost's longest punts came when he needed to finesse the ball inside the 20; and he shanked yet another one from deep in his own territory. If the Redskins want consistency, they have it in him. He consistently fails. But David Lonie does not appear to be a legitimate option.

Worrisome: Mark Brunell and the first offense haven't generated anything in three games. The Redskins clearly aren't using much of their playbook, but a few good plays here and there wouldn't be bad to see. Other teams do it -- and other teams don't show much, either.

Worrisome, II: The defense continues to give up big plays, apply little pass rush and get called for untimely penalties.

Rookie duo: Rookie defensive tackles Kedric Golston and Anthony Montgomery played often with the first defense. The coaches need to see what they can do. Golston helps more because he always gets back into the play, even if he gets drilled off the line too much. Montgomery might have more potential, but he's not there yet.

Unspectacular: Returner Mike Espy, though he did have one good return called back for a holding penalty. Still, he goes down very easily and on one return failed to hit the right hole. He's looking more and more like a practice squader.

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