Williams: "Zero" Game Planning

Redskins Insider Notes 08.29.06--Gregg Williams talked about the preseason results and what may have caused them.

...Redskins assistant head coach/defense Gregg Williams is not bothered by the results in Washington's past two preseason games.

Williams said he's done ''zero'' game-planning for the past two games -- after doing extensive game-planning in the preseason last year, he added.

And, he said, he's a better coach when all his starters are healthy.

As for the big plays allowed, Williams called them correctable errors.

''In the last two preseason games we have been as generic as we can,'' Williams said. ''We wanted to see all different kinds of combinations of guys coming in. We wanted to see some one-on-one pass rush from some guys. We wanted to see some one-on-one coverage. We even tried to put some of the guys in some coverage things that they aren't used to doing. You have to get that stuff on film so you get a chance to coach them.''

There's another benefit to lopsided preseason losses.

''Sometimes you have a more receptive audience when you come back after one of those things,'' he said. ''All of the sudden it has been nice in the meeting room this week with players saying, ‘Hey coach what do you think you can do to help me?' There are always those types of things that go on under any difficult game. Sometimes you feel too good about yourself on a big win to do that. All of the sudden you are booking your tickets to Honolulu. It is never as bad as it seems and it is never as good as it seems. You just have to keep working."

...Newly-signed safety Vernon Fox had the reputation of being an excellent special teams player in Detroit, but the Lions have a new staff and preferred others at safety. So he was cut and the Redskins gladly signed him. Whether or not there's enough time for him to learn the defense here and contribute remains to be seen.

But he played in San Diego when Dale Lindsey was a linebackers coach and Redskins assistant head coach/defense Gregg Williams and special teams coach Danny Smith both are good friends with Lions special teams coach Chuck Priefer.

The Redskins could use help at safety. Reed Doughty looks every bit like a player making the jump from 1-AA to the NFL. They're also still looking at Mike Rumph as a possible safety/corner.

...The Redskins cut defensive back Dimitri Patterson and running back Jesse Lumsden. Look for Lumsden to return on the practice squad. Running backs coach Earnest Byner likes him.

...Punter Eddie Johnson signed today. Then he practiced and got cut. It's hard to believe he was a legitimate option to unseating Derrick Frost. Johnson had not punted in the NFL since 2003, had never held or kicked off in a game.

But this leaves Washington with a roster spot still available, perhaps for another punter. That way, they could use this last game to scout him.

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