Gibbs Loose at Welcome Home Luncheon

When Joe Gibbs reached the podium, the crowd stood and cheered. And then Gibbs delivered the hit line of the day at the 45th Annual Welcome Home Luncheon.

''‘I'm a little upset; there were five players who weren't standing up. That's it for you, Clinton,' '' Gibbs said.

Among the highlights:

...Receiver Santana Moss was named the Offensive Player of the Year for 2005; his award was presented by Roy Jefferson.

Moss told the audience, ''It's a blessing to get out of New York ... It's all about opportunity and the Redskins gave me the opportunity.''

Later, Gibbs said of Moss, ''He never complains, but that's because we give him the ball all the time!''

...Marcus Washington was named the Defensive Player of the Year; his award was presented by Ken Harvey.

Harvey struggled to say the words, ''fumble recoveries.'' He tried several times to spit out the phrase before saying, ''That's what happens when you get hit too many times.''

Washington joked that he thought about not thanking Gregg Williams because, ''he has us do up-downs.''

...Khary Campbell was named the Special Teams Player of the Year; Mike Bragg presented him the award.

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