GameBlog: Redskins vs. Ravens-Final

Tandler's Redskins GameBlog Ver. 08.31.06--vs. Ravens--Final--Another week, another dull effort by the Redskins.


Randy Thomas and Chris Samuels are sitting it out tonight. There are no injuries reported for either one of them so the logical assumption is that they want to see Jim Molinaro work against the Ravens' first team defense. This may be the last we see of Molinaro in a Redskins uniform if he doesn't hold his own against Baltimore's Terrell Suggs.

We'll probably see Kili Lefotu and Jasper Harvey get long looks in Thomas' spot. It wouldn't be shocking if neither of them ended up making the team. Ndukwe Ikechuku probably has the team made and he will start at right guard tonight.

First Quarter

I wasn't big on Cedric Killings' chances of making the team at the start of camp. It seemed that they drafted Golston and Montgomery with the intent of unseating him. It looks like he's going to make it, though, as the first DT off the bench in the rotation. I was talking to him during camp and he said that he and Ryan Boschetti, the other veteran DT who became endangered on draft day, were giving pointers to the rookies. Great teammate.

Early to the sidelines on defense were Andre Carter, Marcus Washington, and Joe Salave'a. Carter hasn't had a whiff of an opposing QB all preseason. It will be interesting to see how he comes out against Minnesota.

Carlos Rogers has a little ways to go until he's a top-flight cover corner, but the guy can flat-out tackle in the open field. If Justin Green had managed to get past him on a little swing pass he had a lot of running room, but Rogers leveled him.

Check that early departure on Salave'a, he's back in for a third and eight for the Ravens.

It seems like Archuleta could have gotten a little more wood on Mark Clayton on that TD pass. It looked for a second there like he had a shot at separating the receiver from the ball, but he barely got a shoulder into him.

Manny White may be working his way off of the bubble as well. With Robert Johnson gone and Buck Ortega unlikely to make the team, his ability as a swing fullback/tight end will help him.

Derrick Frost just punted for higher than his average, but it may help cost him his job. It went on the fly into the end zone from the Ravens 42. To him, a pooch is just a dog.

Good sack of Boller by Kedric Golston, who I still insist will make the team. If it comes down to him and Montgomery I think that Golston gets the nod.

Second Quarter

Molinaro started off horribly as Suggs blew by him for a near sack. He picked it up after that, though, doing a nice job to let Ladell Betts gain some yards off the left side. Bugel likely will keep him in the game until his tongue is hanging out, just to see what he can do.

Another bubble type who seems to be solidifying his spot is Nemo Broughton. He's excelling on punt coverage.

Here midway through the quarter Warrick Holdman has moved over to the Mike position while Rocky McIntosh is manning the weak side. It seems that Khary Campbell is one of those players who is only called a linebacker, but is really just a special teams demon. If Lemar Marshall was unable to go, Williams just might move Holdman to the middle and go with McIntosh on the outside.

Twice tonight the Ravens have thrown long passes and the Redskins defensive backs have reacted poorly to the ball. Earlier, Adam Archuleta froze while the ball was in the air, allowing a 30-yard catch. Just now Julian Battle had an interception in his hands and he let the receiver take it away from him for another big play. Archuleta is not in danger of being cut, the same can't be said of Julian Battle.

Third Quarter

Todd Collins will get the entire second half to attempt to justify Al Saunders' faith in him as the second quarterback. He could fall flat and still maintain that status, but it will provide some interesting fodder.

Stats can be very misleading. Collins got 54 yards passing that he didn't particularly deserve after Stephen Harris took advantage of a missed tackle. Right after that Collins should have had credit for a 13-yard TD pass as he lofted a perfect fade that Broughton short-armed.

Derrick Frost is quieting critics tonight. Despite the aforementioned 42-yard fly ball into the end zone, he's been punting at a level that almost equates to NFL competence.

This is interesting. The Redskins are advancing the ball downfield, mixing in runs and passes, getting first downs and moving the chains. I believe that this particular maneuver is called a "drive", from what I'm hearing.

It was not that particular breed of "drive" known as a "scoring drive", however. Hall missed a 42-yard field goal wide left.

Fourth Quarter

The Redskins defense is now completely composed of layers who may not have a job come Saturday evening. In our own round of roster shaping up here in the press box we have Spencer Havner making it since special teams specialist Khary Campbell really doesn't count as a linebacker just like Ethan Albright doesn't count as an offensive lineman.

They're not playing particularly well, either as the Ravens are doing one of those "drive" things on them.

Another week, another yawner. Tune in about ten days from now and we'll see how meaningless all of this preseason stuff is.

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