Kick'n it with Keim

Today was our third pre season chat with John Keim. Today he gives us some insight on camp, who is hot and who is not. Here is today's chat transcripts for those of you that missed the chat or just want to go back and relive the moment.

Rat_Boy John, what do you truly think about Gardener? I heard that the problems didn't start until Dave Wantdsuck go to Miami. Can the Redskins get him to be productive?

JohnKeim Wannstedt would have kept him had he just returned a few calls. that's according to one of the writers down there... and his agent said no one said a peep when gardener was healthy and productive. at this money, he's a minor risk. if he's disruptive and a bad dude, he's gone. but i still wonder about his commitment. the night before his workout he was out on the town in carlisle. bad sign. i think hunley is a good coach for him. as is marvin lewis

RiggoRanger John, I just heard Otis Leverette is hurt. Do the Skins look for another back-up DE now?

RiggoRanger and any word on o-linemen?

RiggoRanger thanks in advance!

JohnKeim Depends how badly he's hurt. because the team is traveling i haven't heard the results of otis' mri. even with him, frankly, they still need more help there

Rat_Boy John, Yahoo is reporting 6 weeks due to ligament damage. He is not in Japan either, per the AP.

JohnKeim and as of now there's no word on any offensive linemen. OL coach kim helton wants to see his guys first before he'd try and sign one of the vets. they don't think coleman is a strong enough pass blocker to help; matt campbell is like everything they have and we'll see about ray brown. helton hasn't even watched film of him yet.

skinsfan4life Havent heard much about Rod Gardner.....How has he looked and do you see him steping and being our true #1 go to guy

JohnKeim Thanks for the update..Been taking care of a sick son all day. With the team in osaka, i leave things up to the AP unfortunatley

JohnKeim Not sure yet about Rod. He hasn't stood out in training camp, partly because this is such a different system for him to learn. he's with the right coach. I can't say that i see him being the No. 1 guy. He might end up being just that, but it's not like he's been dominant in camp the way Westbrook was at times (at least in the summer!).

Kirknc We now have seven DT's on the roster. How many are we likely to Keep and how is looking good?

JohnKeim They'll probably keep four DTs, though Renaldo Wynn can play both end and tackle (in a pass rush situation). Donovan Arp is scrappy and Del Cowsette has some quickness. he's still behind because he missed so much time in the offseason because of his wrist. i ilke the way he and arp stay after practice to work with the coaches on fundamentals. for a couple plays either one should be OK

Kirknc Santana is he looking good?

Rat_Boy So, if we assume that Gardener, Dotson, and Wilkinson are locks. We are only going to keep one of Cowsette and Arp?

JohnKeim He's still hurt so he hasn't even practiced yet.

JohnKeim I would assume only one of those two would make it. but remember there's no set number on how many they'll keep.

dayumnuttinleft What is your take on the current RB's on the roster and who will be the three on opening day

JohnKeim I want to see them in a game first. You see flashes in a guy here and there, like Betts, but, to be honest, none of them (save for Stephen Davis) have been overwhelming. I do like Cartwright's toughness and Bryan Johnson's hands. I'm curious to see if Kenny Watson does anything. But it's very hard in these practices to see who can do what. at least for the RBs.

skinsfan4life How has the rookie rashad bauman looked and does darell green still as fast as ever?

JohnKeim I like Bauman. He was my Rookie of the Week for the first week. Always seemed to be in position to make a play and correctly used the sidelines as a so-called extra defender at the right times. I like him a lot. Darrell is as fast as ever. But he's also done more grabbing of jerseys than in the past.

RiggoRanger Do you think if Sage falters saturday that he is a goner? Has he struggled lately in practice?

JohnKeim It could be hard for him to recover from a bad outing. See Todd Husak last year. Sage has struggled lately and seems to have fallen behind the others. to me, if it's close at all then spurrier will go with what he knows (shane and danny). that's pretty obvious

spanishomelette What about safeties? How are they looking?

JohnKeim The safeties look fine. They're fairly average, but with the talent in front of them they should do OK. I'd like to see Terrell make more plays. in this defense he should have plenty of chances. i'm also curious to see ohalete in the games. there's something i like about him. he has a knack for the ball and hits harder than i think people expected when he came out of usc.

Terry John, has Helton everm mentioned specifically what he doesn't like about Ray Brown? Is he looking for youth?

JohnKeim No he hasn't said anything specific. i asked him about it, in a casual conversation, and he just said he hasn't watched any film of him. not that it's up to him. i think ray would be excellent. there's no one at guard who can help the young guys because it's new for them, too. brown could do just that. i also think they know brown could come in next week and be fine so there's no rush to sign him. and this will give them a true look at the youngsters...

Redskin4life To you? my question is What are Justin Skaggs' chances of making an impact on the team this year? Will he work with special teams?

JohnKeim Justin's impact will be on special teams. he's a hard-worker, but not quite a polished receiver. if he makes the team it will be as a fourth, fifth or sixth wideout. that means he must contribute on teams. he can do that in coverage or by kick returns. he has that crazy quality you like in special teamers.

RiggoRanger John, regarding Stephen Davis, I know it's a ways off, but do you see him still with the Skins next year? How flexible does he seem to be for renegotiations? I want him to retire as a Redskin!

JohnKeim He wants to retire as a redskin, too. stephen isn't big on change. i think they're flexible because the alternative is to be set free. the thing i wonder about is if they re-do stephen's deal and keep gardener, i'm not sure they can also then sign jon jansen. should be interesting to watch all of this play out...

Kirknc I keep hear Zeron is looking bad and Royal is also not looking good? What's up with our tight ends and which of the free agent tight ends looks good? Leonard Stephans or Ivan Mercer?

JohnKeim None have really stood out. I think that's why they'll use a true four-receiver set because they don't have a real receiving threat at TE. I've mainly seen the TE's blocking.Or they'll use two backs in the backfield and send them both out (which they've done a lot of in practice...

gatorfan How has Reidel Anthony performed in camp so far and is Green the fastest receiver on the roster now?

JohnKeim I'd say Green is the fastest. Reidel has looked OK. Sometimes makes some nice catches, had a couple early in camp of the over-the-shoulder variety. He's right there with Doering and Skaggs and Derrius

skinsfan4life Has the rookie DE done anything in camp? and also, will ramsey be signed by the end of the week? THANKS!

JohnKeim Greg Scott has a lot to learn. I always had him pegged as a practice squader. none of the young DEs have stood out. I would guess Ramsey will be signed next week at the earliest. both sides have made mistakes in this and it will set ramsey very far back. it's a shame.

spanishomelette I noticed Dallas papers keep Quincy stats, and Spurrier was giving you guys trouble about not keeping stats at the scrimmage...What's up with you guys, eh?

JohnKeim Spurrier forgets that he has five preseason games. in college intrasquad scrimmages were a big deal. they determined a lot. sorry, but they're not in the NFL. think it matters what a nine-year vet does in an intrasquad scrimmage? at least statistically, i mean.. if the guy stinks then that tells a lot. but otherwise it's just a glorified practice...

dayumnuttinleft I keep hearing that Marvin Lewis likes Shamar Finney, he is a MLB but we have Trotter and Mitch, has he played any special teams in camp ?? something else to boost his chances

JohnKeim pretty much everyone plays special teams (with a few exceptions). finney could be destined for the practice squad. can't imagine him beating out anyone ahead of him. but he has shown potential.

gatorfan If you had to pick a starting QB today, who would it be and why?

JohnKeim Shane. He's the most experienced and is starting to move ahead of the group. i also think he can make more of the necessary throws (the outs, the deep posts) than the other two qbs...but a week ago shane looked bad. that's just how this race has gone.

Rat_Boy John, are you sold on Conway being our kicker? I always viewed him as ""so-so."" Is that Franz guy giving him LEGIT competition?

JohnKeim They don't kick much in practice so I don't think there's much of a competition. we'll see how they do in the games. there always seems to be something wrong with brett. he's OK, but nothing special.

gatorfan Do the players feel Spurrier will make the offense competitive this year and how are the players and coaches adjusting to each other so far?

JohnKeim I'd say so far so good. I haven't heard a lot of complaining. I think the offensive players trust Spurrier because of his past. that makes a difference. they also feed off his confidence. but that only goes so far if you have no guards and mediocre QBs.

Kirknc Does Jon Jansen want to stay a Redskin ?

JohnKeim Yes. He and his wife like the area and he's big on loyalty. he'd sign now if they made him a good offer--he doesn't want to risk an injury during the season, costing him a chance at a good deal. but there's some disappointment because the redskins haven't shown much interest in working out a deal right now.

Stephan John do you expect they will sign him though before the season begins?

JohnKeim No. anything can happen but the redskins haven't shown yet that they want to get it done that soon. and jansen has said he doesn't mind signing a deal during the season.

DLPOPE What do u think the pass/run ratio will be?

JohnKeim Based on practice it looks like 70-30 pass/run. but that won't cut it with this offense. they'll have to be balanced because their strength is stephen davis.

Stephan John , predictions for Saturday night?

JohnKeim Considering the Redskins will play mostly young players on defense, I'd say the 49ers will win. but all i want to see is how the interior of the line performs and how sage handles himself.

riggo66 Has anyone or anything suprised you so far this camp?

JohnKeim I'm surprised that Ramsey isn't in camp....I've been surprised that Chris Doering continues to look solid, as he did all spring...I'm surprised at how much Rod Jones struggled at RG. I was surprised at how quick Wynn looked when rushing from DT...I'm surprised that Lavar still can't do much as a pass rusher, at least against quality tackles...I've been impressed, but not surprised, at Trotter's coverage ability...

Terry John, where do you think our QB pressure will come from this season? If we have to rely on our front 4 for sacks, will we be able to put enough pressure on opposing QBs, or will we have to blitz a lot?

JohnKeim I think they'll blitz a decent amount. THey'll also move around a lot up front, using a variety of packages and stunts, etc...the benefit they have with all that talent at LB is that all three can drop in coverage or blitz. what a luxury. they also have two good blitzing corners (champ does it well when lined up against the slot receivers). but if gardener comes through, then they might get some push from the ends.

Kirknc good info thanks!

riggo66 Im getting the feeling the LA isnt going to develop into tht big tme QB killer wed hoped. coming form the down pos. and getting to the QB ala Taylor

Kirknc Were Lavar and Finney buddies from the Penn St. days?

JohnKeim I think Lavar is better as a stand-up rusher. he can use his athleticism better that way, especially against bigger guys. but, when he's down, they seem to handle him fine. ..i don't know how close those two were, to be honest; they're a few years apart

Terry John, Eric Dickerson once said of Pettitbon's defense: ""Their defense is so odd,"" he said. ""They do one thing one week, something different the next. Sometimes there was a linebacker on me, sometimes there was a defensive back there. I never knew."" That was due to the flexibility Pettibon had with players who could fo different things. Do you see us havbing the same thing? Can we mix up fronts and coverages like that?

JohnKeim I wouldn't be surprised. I think ray Rhodes did different things, too. he often used barber as a NG in some situations...i like that creativity. ...with the corners washington has, they have the flexibility to do an awful lot. we haven't seen that in practice, but i wouldn't expect to. that stuff will be put in in private. and they can absolutely mix up coverages like that. they did it a year ago, disguising coverages until the last minute, looking like they're playing man then dropping off into a zone during the route. fun stuff to watch if you ask me.

Kirknc Given what you said about Jon and the way Snyder seems to be aggressive in getting things done he wants done, one would think locking him up would happen quickly. Are they just waiting to get all thier FA aquisitions in place first?

JohnKeim they have other priorities at this point. they needed to address the DT spot; they'll need another guard, probably and they must get ramsey done. then they have to worry about stephen davis, too.

kalu44 Hey John...are you familiar with any particular players that may be cut from other teams on the DL/OL that we may be interested in picking up?

JohnKeim Too early to tell. cuts won't be made for a few weeks anyway.

kalu44 Do you see us trying to trade one of our linebackers on the (backup) unit for a DL or OLineman?

Kirknc Sounds like Ramsey is close to signing a 5 yr deal just reported on 980

kalu44 gets done a day after we leave for Japan...

JohnKeim Good question. Player for player trades usually don't happen, however

JohnKeim Got time for a couple more questions...have a few agents to call...

kalu44 Thanks John..take care

The01Fan That sounds interesting, tell us more John!

JohnKeim just part of a day's work. nothing big, unless i'm told that ramsey has indeed signed...

riggo66 Waht was the attittude of the players/coaches about playing the Japan game?

JohnKeim very mixed. most would rather not go (especially jansen). but most had the attitude that they're going so they may as well make the best of it.

The01Fan Hopefully you haven't already answered this, but why do think it has taken so long to sign Ramsey to a contract?

The01Fan Agents should pay attention to things, Shuler was never really accepted by the fans after his hold-out!

JohnKeim Because of the escalator clauses. basically, ramsey wants to get paid like a starting QB in his third year, if he becomes one. the redskins seem to want to pay him more like the 32nd pick. not sure that either side has taken a surprising stance. it's like the baseball stuff. i don't care who's to blame, the bottom line is that ramsey will be hurt by this.

JohnKeim OK, guys, gotta go. We'll chat again next week and keep posting questions on the board for me. I answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for the great questions!

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