Q&A With Brad Johnson

The last quarterback to take the Redskins to the playoffs prior to last year will return to FedEx Field on Monday night. He talked about that and his wanderings through the NFL

Q: How does this offense fit your strengths?
A: This is my fifth offensive system I've been in. Every system I feel very comfortable with. I've played in the West Coast offense before. It was a different version, but I'm used to the terminology.

Q: Do you feel any different at 37 than you do at 35?
A: I'm still eager. I still want to know why we run certain plays. ... I'd like to play three or four more years.

Q: Has the team put last year behind them as far as everything that happened off the field?
A: Some of the stuff that happened off the field, we moved on as a team. Last year we finished the season 7-2 and it seems like every time we turn around it is brought back up. That is why it is always with us. There have been some isolated incidents that have occurred but those have been individual deals. They have dealt with them from management's perspective. We are very focused as a team and there have not been many distractions as far as what we are trying to accomplish.

Q: Does it mean anything to you to face the Redskins?
When I was in Tampa I played against Minnesota three times, a former organization. Also in Tampa I played against Washington, another former organization that I played for. I have gone through that transition of playing against a former organization. I felt like I did good things in Washington. The fans and players treated me great there. We were 10-6 and went to the playoffs for the first time since 1992. Then I was 7-4 my second season there and the team went 8-8. I gave the team everything I could. I loved playing for Norv Turner and I feel positive about the way things went for me.

Q: What does Chester Taylor give you?
A: He picks up blitzes well and gets yards after contact. He's a tough player and he listens well and he catches the ball out of the backfield. He's an all-around back.

Q: Has Fred Smoot been yapping about returning to Washington?
A: He's always yapping, not just about coming back to Washington. He keeps things light. He's fun to play with.

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