Behind Enemy Lines with JP Crawford, Part 1

Our Texans expert shares his insight on the Redskins' opponent this Sunday. In Part 1, J. P. Crawford of discusses David Carr, the team's selection of Mario Williams over Reggie Bush, and the Texans' new coach.

Rich Tandler: The Texans' offensive line has been the team's Achilles heel since the inception of the team. Why have they been unable to strengthen this area?
J. P. Crawford: The Texans have made some real attempts at improving their offensive line.  During the offseason they signed C Mike Flanagan from the Green Bay Packers.  They also used the top 2 picks in the 3rd round of the draft to select two talented young tackles in Eric Winson and Charles Spencer.  Unfortunately, Spencer broke his left tibia in the game against Indianapolis and will be out for the season, and Flanagan is day to day with an ankle injury.  Once the Texans finally solve their offensive line problem, QB David Carr will be able to use this offense to it's full potential.

RT: The obvious question--if you were the Texans' GM and had only the knowledge that was available in April, would you have taken Reggie Bush, Mario Williams, or another player?
JPC: If I only had the knowledge that was available in April, I would have taken Reggie Bush.  I think he's a phenomenal athlete and would have been a threat no matter where he went.  I'm sure he'll do great things for New Orleans.  They're lucky to have him.  But, the Texans share the AFC South with the Indianapolis Colts, and in order for the Texans to be a playoff team they have to beat the Colts.  Outscoring Peyton Manning is near impossible to do, so the only other option is to beat them defensively.  I can understand why the Texans picked Mario first, and I think he'll be good for the team.  But with RB Domanick Davis out on IR this year, the Texans could really use him.

RT: Gary Kubiak had numerous opportunities to become an NFL head coach before taking the job with the Texans. How have the fan base and members of the media warmed to him and how would you describe him as a coach (player's coach/disciplinarian, tactician/motivator, etc.)?
JPC: Fans in Houston are thrilled to have Gary Kubiak back.  Houston is actually Kubiak's hometown, and he attended college at nearby Texas A&M.  The fans think that Kubiak has the vision to take the Texans out of the rut they've never been able to dig themselves out of, although he took some of the heat from fans with the Mario Williams pick.  Kubiak makes himself very available to the media, which also works in his favor.  I think the city of Houston as a whole was ready to see something other than former coach Dom Capers.  I really see Kubiak as a more of a player's coach.  He communicates his expectations and the players respond.

RT: A lot of folks outside of Houston were somewhat surprised when the Texans organization committed to David Carr as their quarterback by paying him that roster bonus this spring. What is his greatest strength at this point in his career and where does he need to most improvement?
JPC: David Carr has done very well in Houston, given what he has had to work with.  He's a very smart quarterback, he just really hasn't had an opportunity to actually have the time to show it.  Carr has a good throwing arm and accuracy, and he finally has some real targets to throw at with the Texans signing WR Eric Moulds and TEs Jeb Putzier and Owen Daniels.  If the Texans can solve their chronic problems with the offensive line, and get their running game straightened out, Carr and the Texans would have a better-than-average offense.

RT: How is Wali Lundy doing at running back? With Ron Dayne in the picture, will he continue to hold on to the starting job.
JPC: At this point in time, it's difficult to tell.  The Texans traded RB Vernand Morency for RB Samkon Gado last week so that just adds more room for speculation.  Both Gado and Dayne did well against Indy, while Lundy struggled a bit.  I believe that if Gado can produce like he did in Green Bay last season, he will most likely end up with the starting job.  All three running backs will be used in the game against Washington this week, so fans will get a chance to see each of their running talent on the field.

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