Ten Spot Review: Skins Find Rhythm

The Weekly Ten Spot Review--The Redskins got their offense going against Houston but they will face a tougher test this week.

  1. Will the offense finally move the ball? We said yes, but we didn't anticipate the high number of short throws. The Texans' defense is absolutely dreadful and will struggle to stop most teams this season.
  1. What should the Redskins do offensively? We said they needed to find rhythm via the running game, even though Houston showed a vulnerability to the deep ball in their first two games. Washington needed to find its rhythm on the ground and the Redskins did just that. Clinton Portis provided an identity for the offense, which he did. The misdirection plays by Al Saunders were terrific. Early on, the play would go to the opposite side of the motion. When Houston figured that out, Saunders then ran plays toward the motion side as well. The play I liked most was the touchdown by Antwaan Randle El. On the play, he was in the backfield with Ladell Betts and Santana Moss. Those two went to the right on the snap, taking two linebackers with them. Then Randle El, from the right side, took the pass out on the left. The linebacker assigned him could not clear the traffic and he had an easy path to the end zone.
  1. What is the key matchup offensively? The tackles vs. Mario Williams. Washington won that matchup.
  1. What is the big concern defensively? Stopping the pass. We thought David Carr had misleading numbers. The Redskins kept enough pressure on him to hurt and they also covered him well. He had good numbers, but after the first series he was not much of a factor. And the Texans fell behind too far to try and establish the run.
  1. Will this be the week Andre Carter gets near the quarterback? We said yes. We were wrong. The Texans started a horrible left tackle in Ephraim Salaam, yet Carter got near Carr only twice, once on the long pass play. The Texans did not always take deep drops, however, and usually kept in extra blockers.
  2. Where else should they target defensively? We said the middle of the line because starting center Mike Flanagan was out. But we also thought the Redskins should blitz off the edges, knowing Houston would try to gear more protection inside. Almost every effective blitz came from the edge.
  3. Will Cooley and Lloyd ever be a part of this offense? We thought Cooley would have a good game and he had a decent one with four catches. But his blocking was a bigger help. And we thought Lloyd would have one big catch. He did not; Lloyd finished with two catches for 20 yards, but we thought he'd get one downfield.
  4. Will Joe Salave'a play? No, he did not. But he wasn't missed against the Texans. That's because rookie tackles Kedric Golston and Anthony Montgomery did an excellent job, Golston in particular. The kid has a ton of strength. Watch the replay of Carr's long pass. On the play, Golston is double-teamed yet still pushed his guys back. In talking to the kid, he has the approach of a 10-year vet. What a nice find.
  5. Will they miss Shawn Springs in this game? We thought they would, but that it wouldn't impact the game. The Texans were able to throw well at times, but not consistently and Springs would not have made a difference on the deep pass. Once again, that was Adam Archuleta, who was frozen by a play-action and did not recover well.
  6. Will the Redskins win? We thought they'd win 23-14 and they won by obviously a larger margin. A loss in this game would have been disastrous, but they looked good and now it provides hope that maybe they are better than what they'd shown in the first two games. A real test comes this week against Jacksonville, but sometimes beating a bad team can provide the confidence a team needs.

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