Q&A with Patrick Ramsey

This isn't the way Patrick Ramsey hoped he would begin camp. Nor is it the way Washington hoped this marriage would start, either. And the Redskins nearly asked for an annulment, almost trading him to Chicago. But Ramsey is here, which is where he wanted to be all along. And here's what he had to say when he faced the media.

Q: How frustrating was this?
A: It was very frustrating because I'm the type of guy who never missed a workout. I tried to walk the line. It was very frustrating. But at the same time it was the business side of things I never dealt with and inexperienced with. I hired a guy to represent me and he did an excellent job.

Q: Did you think you were headed to Chicago?
A: I had no idea at that point. I called my wife when [agent] Jimmy [Sexton] told me about it. She was floored. It was a blow, that was her quote. We didn't know and when he told me it wouldn't be Chicago, we were obviously happy. After that the ball got rolling and they were able to get a deal done.

Q: What did you think about the possibility of going to Chicago?
A: I wanted to play here and I wanted to play for Coach Spurrier and play in this offense. I've gotten to know my teammates and I like those guys a lot. I was going to have to accept whatever I was presented with. At the same time I wanted to play here all along.

Q: How much damage is done to this relationship?
A: In my opinion there's not a lot of damage. The veterans understand the situation I was faced with. I'll come in here and play ball; they know that. They're not going to hold a grudge to me because I'm not going to give them a reason to.

Q: Coach said he doesn't expect you to start. What has he told you?
A: He told me it will be tough because I'm far behind at this point.

Q: How frustrating was it to watch the game on TV?
A: It was tough. It was very tough. I watched the game with my wife and a couple guys. It was a different experience, but I knew it would be knocked out.

Q: Was there any point where you told Jimmy, let's bite the bullet
A: I hired a guy with similar morales that I have. He's a good guy and well-respected. He has 18 years of experience. It wouldn't be smart on my part to trust my instincts when the man has so much experience.

Q: What were you doing to stay sharp?
A: I was working out and throwing, just as I would had I been here. I threw with Donte while he was in Memphis. I was staying active all the time.

Q: What did Spurrier tell you his plans were for you the next two weeks?
A: We haven't really discussed any details.

Q: Did he say when you might play Saturday:

Q: Is it awkward to join a team that nearly traded you?
A: I'm just learning the business end of the deal and the way this league works. I was broken in early.

Q: Do you still consider yourself the quarterback of the future?
A: I do. They wouldn't have signed me if that wasn't their opinion.

Q: Didn't it feel strange to be on the trading block?
A: It was strange. It was a definite blow at that point. They weighed their options and they decided they wanted me here. I get to play ball and that's what I want to do now.

Q: How did Jimmy keep you sane?
A: He's a lot like me. He was back and forth with what was going on. He stayed stable with me telling me where we wanted to be. I told him I trust him.

Q: What issue was the big holdup?
A: From my understanding it was the escalators and my potential earnings if I become a starter. It's an important part of the contract. I don't know anything other than that.

Q: What did Spurrier tell you?
A: I want you to meet and get up to speed as quickly as possible. I'm behind now and try to make that ground up.

Q: Other than throwing what did you do?
A: I had my playbooks from the mini camps and I had the scripts from the practices and drew up plays and studied protections. Things I had gone over with Noah prior to training camp.

Q: Do you still think you can make the impact you had hoped?
A: I would hope so. I know it's a tougher situation than I would have been faced with had I been here two weeks ago. Hopefully I'll be able to. My focus is to get in the meeting room and understand what they want to get done and try to make that happen on the field.

Q: Has your mind changed that you could be the starter on opening day?
A: It's hard for me to speculate on that. We have some players here. People are under the impression that these guys aren't proven quarterbacks. But all three can play the position well. I would liken it to me coming into college as a snotty teenager and thought I was the best player Tulane had ever seen. And there was a possibility of me starting. I learned that Shaun King was a better quarterback and I sat and waited. Coming here I'll set a goal right now to achieve the starting position as quickly as possible. It's going to be tough, but that's my focus.

Q: What was your opinion before of NFL holdouts?
A: I can't say that it was a positive opinion. That's the truth. I didn't understand the situation.

Q: What can you do to make up for lost time?
A: The quarterbacks are off tonight and as soon as I'm done here I'll call my quarterbacks coach to see if he can meet with me.

Q: The fans weren't open minded to Heath Shuler after the holdout, are you worried about that?
A: All I can hope is that the way I try to treat people and the way I get along with my teammates and the way I perform on the field can make up for any lost ground that I've suffered.

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