Camp Report: Wednesday

Cornerback Champ Bailey dislocated his finger and won't play against Carolina. But that's not all that happened today: Patrick Ramsey showed up in camp and finally signed a contract. And guess who talked with Patrick Ramsey after the media did. Also, who looked good today and who didn't. Then there's Fred Smoot. What did he say now?

After quarterback Patrick Ramsey met with the media, he stepped aside to sign a couple autographs. Then he met a Redskins legend: Sonny Jurgensen. He actually introduced himself to Ramsey, who replied, ''I know who you are.'' Jurgensen then asked a few questions, even asking him, ''Didn't you tell the owner that you wouldn't hold out.'' To which Ramsey finally had to say, ''Yes.'' A moment or two later they parted with smiles.

. . .What do the veterans have to say about Ramsey missing 17 days? It's part of the business.

''Everyone went through this,'' Smoot said. ''Everyone's got to handle their own business.''

. . . Justin Skaggs had better be careful or he'll find himself without a job. Skaggs hasn't been impressive in training camp. It's not that he's been bad; he just hasn't done much. And others have done more. Today, Skaggs dropped at least three passes and had a chance to make a hard catch but didn't. It's the type of play someone in his spot must make. On another pass Skaggs tipped a ball in the air that Sam Shade intercepted.

. . . Guard Kipp Vickers has internal bleeding and returned to Virginia for more tests.

. . . End Carl Powell hasn't been impressive in camp. Today, he was handled a few times by rookie tackle Reggie Coleman during an 11 on 11 drill.

. . . Rod Jones returned to practice and stepped back in at left guard.

. . . One thing that's improved with receiver Derrius Thompson: he uses his body much better than he ever has. Today he ran a strong slant route, getting inside corner Mark Washington for an easy grab.

. . . Play of the day: quarterback Shane Matthews connected with Darnerien McCants on a fly route down the right side, hitting him in stride for a 60-yard score. McCants beat safety David Terrell on the play. But on the next play Matthews was intercepted by Fred Smoot.

. . . Speaking of Smoot, here's what he had to say about himself today: ''I'm the NFL's prettiest man.''

. . . Del Cowsette worked at right end in a three-man alignment.

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