Camp Report: Thursday

Patrick Ramsey learned a lesson on his first day in training camp: you can't stop rookie hazing. Especially when you've missed 16 days. So Ramsey took his medicine--and allowed himself to be taped to the goal post, where he remained for nearly 45 minutes.

''It's almost considered an honor,'' Ramsey said. ''You've grown up seeing this happen to rookies and now it's your turn.''

His turn, indeed. Right tackle Jon Jansen and tight end Walter Rasby led the charge to tape Ramsey, punishment for missing more than two weeks of camp. Not to mention a 14-hour flight to Japan.

''That's the Japan trip right there,'' Jansen said, eyeing a tied-up Ramsey, half a field away. ''The major reason is that he's just a young guy. We'll treat him as such until he earns our respet. When he does, then things will start to calm down.''

Coach Steve Spurrier wasn't about to stop it. After 40 minutes Spurrier rode over in a golf cart, stopping to chat with Jansen. The tackle told him they'd cut him loose in 10 minutes. So Spurrier told Ramsey that.

''That means they love you,'' Spurrier told him as he drove away.

The players also pointed a water hose at Ramsey, soaking him. When that ran out of water, Jansen dumped a bucket of ice on him. All the while Ramsey took it. He even conducted interviews with the media.

. . . Ramsey showed his strong arm during practice, making throws the other quarterbacks can't make. He has a lot to learn and a long ways to go. But he delivered several strikes, including one to Darnerien McCants in the back of the end zone. Ramsey also showed some touch, dumping a finesse pass over the middle to Emmett Johnson, after looking off the defense.

. . . Fred Smoot picked off Ramsey when he stepped in front of Johnson, trying to run a slant. Johnson wasn't open and the ball shouldn't have been thrown. Smoot returned it for an easy score. Then he did a little dance, shimmying his shoulders.

''That's my just-for-fun dance,'' he said.

. . . The coaches are excited about receiver Kevin Lockett. He's not a burner but he is quick and shifty. They taught him how to run a little faster, too. Before, his elbows swung every which way. Now he's chugging his arms more like a sprinter. In this offense, a receiver who can make yards after the catch is golden. That's where Lockett could excel.

. . . Shane Matthews on how long it will take Ramsey to catch up.

''It takes a while,'' Matthews said. ''I'm still trying to get used to it again; it's been 10 years since I've played in it. I'm still very familiar with it, but the only way to get comfortable is by practicing. He's way behind.

''I would agree that it would be [difficult for Ramsey to make a quick impact]. There's so much put on the quarterback's shoulders in this offense. Like changing plays at the line of scrimmage where most offenses in the league the coordinator calls the play and you run it. Here you're thinking the whole time. Patrick is very smart and very talented. I'm sure if he were here from Day One it would have helped him out tremendously.''

. . . Kipp Vickers won't play against Carolina because of a blockage in his urinary tube. He'll return next week barring complications.

. . . Robert Royal got an earful from special teams coach Mike Stock during a punting drill this afternoon. On a pooch punt from Brett Conway, Royal raced downfield to down the ball. But Royal touched the ball with his foot on the goal line, making it a touchback. Stock wasn't pleased.

''You know what that line is for!'' Stock yelled. ''You can't touch the line and touch the ball! Quit f---ing around.''

. . . Del Cowsette worked at right end in a three-man alignment with Donovan Arp at nose guard. Dan Wilkinson has worked at left end in a similar set.

. . .Ladairis Jackson got a nice rush against Reggie Coleman this morning, whose pass blocking remains suspect.

. . . David Loverne continues to work with the second team offensive line at right guard. Barring an injury to Rod Jones, that's where he'll stay.

. . . One thing you notice about Daryl Gardener: he's huge. Gardener even makes Wilkinson look small. But Gardener will help the Redskins if he stays healthy. It took one practice to see that.

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