QB Change Unlikely

Despite some nationally broadcast reports to the contrary, it appears at this moment that the Redskins will be staying the course at quarterback.

Jason Campbell will start for the Redskins.


But there's been no indication that his debut will come against Dallas on Nov. 5, despite speculation by some in the national press. One Redskins source said he heard one of the national reports and said it sounded based more on the belief that Washington might consider it a good time to change simply because Tony Romo was now starting in Dallas.


''I'd go with what Gibbs has been saying all along,'' the source said.

Which is this: Mark Brunell is his starting quarterback. Those who know Gibbs well say he wouldn't make such a move until the team is out of the playoffs. At this point, the only reason he'd probably make a move is because of injury and Brunell did not practice last week because of a rib injury.

Now, if that's the basis for a move then that's fine; but there's still no indication yet that Brunell's injury is that bad.

If he can't practice Monday, however, then let the speculation begin.

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