Whisper Room from Carlisle

We knew Steve Spurrier's offense would be more exciting to watch than Marty Schottenheimer's. We knew he liked to throw the ball. What we didn't realize is what a long memory he has, especially when it comes to negative stories.

Spurrier remembers seemingly every word written about him. One reporter referred to him as the next Rick Pitino in a story earlier this year. Several weeks later Spurrier said he couldn't wait to talk to that reporter during the season when the team was doing well so he could say, ''Aren't you the guy who said I would be Rick Pitino?''

Spurrier also gently chided one reporter who wrote the names of the starting receivers. ''How do you know who they are,'' Spurrier said. ''I don't even know. Just say, 'Expected to start.' '' Thing is, Spurrier wouldn't let this story drop. He brought it up during one interview session and then talked about it again the next day.

He also bristles when someone suggests his training camps are easy. Compared to Marty Schottenheimer's camps, they are easier. But they're not a romp in the park. In Japan, one story made mention that the Redskins practiced in full pads while the 49ers worked in shorts. Spurrier told defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis, ''They keep writing that, they'll ruin our reputations.''

And on Monday, after congressman J.C. Watts  injured his hamstring running gassers with the team afterward, Spurrier said, ''You better not say we had them run gassers. They might think we're working them hard.''

Spurrier constantly talks about how people are writing ''about our country club'' atmosphere. It bothers him.

Spurrier is not mean when he confronts a reporter over something they wrote. But he is cognizant of what is written and what is said. It will be interesting to see what happens if the Redskins get off to a slow start.

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