Lets talk O-Line

The Redskins' offensive line is set at four positions. Or so it seems right now. But Washington hasn't settled on its left guard--because the Redskins aren't convinced Rod Jones can play the position.

Jones worked at left tackle in practice on Monday, replacing Chris Samuels, who is out for the next two weeks with a sprained ankle (it's not a high sprain so it shouldn't linger).

Jones has not made a smooth adjustment to left guard. After struggling to make the switch to right guard.

The coach say Jones still looks uncomfortable in this blocking scheme. At tackle Jones knew where the man he was blocking would rush from. At guard Jones has struggled to always pick up his man, leading to confusion. He's a bit choppy and that concerns the coaches.

Now they must find someone to play the position. If Jones doesn't improve--they say he played better vs. Carolina than in the opener--then Kipp Vickers will have a chance to start. Vickers's best position is right guard, but he won't be going there. Not now.

Ross Tucker, for now, is the starter.  Line coach Kim Helton loves Tucker because he's consistent and understands his assignments. He's more than just a pleasant surprise. Jones isn't.

Truth be told, Jones did not look smooth at left tackle in practice either. On one of the few times he faced a rush, Jones lunged at his man and the defender raced past him.

Reggie Coleman isn't a legitimate option. Yet. The Redskins like Coleman, but he's played like a sixth-round pick. Which is what he was. They see potential; they just don't see him being ready right now.

And Helton isn't counting on a trade. If there is one, he's not expecting it to pay immediate dividends.

''Hell no, we're too far in,'' he said. ''Shopping hasn't been so good so we'll stick with what we've got.''

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