Tuesday Nickel: Brown is Back

The Tuesday Nickel: Among the five issues that John Keim looks at are the return of Ray Brown to Redskins Park (as a consultant, not a player) and a worrisome hamstring.

1. Ray Brown is hired as a consultant. Great to have him on board; not sure how it's going to help, unless they'd like to somehow groom him to eventually take over for Joe Bugel. But I always thought Brown was smart enough not to want to coach in the NFL, where your family is rarely seen.

2. Injured starters. Santana Moss' hamstring worries me. Anytime a player says they're worried about the injury keeping them out even longer if they play, it seems as if they take another week off. We'll see what happens as the week progresses, but it's the same thing Clinton Portis said before he didn't play in Week 2 and it's what Cornelius Griffin said before he missed games.

3. The national press. Gotta love Adam Schefter of NFL.com. One week he says the Redskins are prepping Jason Campbell and intimates he's going to start. The next week he says it looks as if the Redskins will stick with Mark Brunell. Take it from us, that was never in doubt. The one thing to realize with Joe Gibbs is this: if he says something publicly, he means it. That's why he hasn't been pressed about a decision by the media who knows him best. The Redskins won't change until Gibbs thinks they're eliminated from the playoff race.

4. Healthy defensive tackles. What a bonus it will be for Washington to have a healthy Griffin and Joe Salave'a in the middle of the defensive line. Not to mention two healthy corners. That alone gives the Redskins a chance for a turnaround. It might be too late for the playoffs, or at least time is running out, but it's not to late to make a respectable showing.

5. Parcells on Jon Jansen. In the New York Times, Parcells is quoted before the first Redskins game as saying that Jansen is not the same player. Redskins line coach Joe Bugel disagrees saying he's playing as well as he did last year, when he considered Jansen a Pro Bowl player. Buges doesn't seem worried about Jansen. Something is amiss, however, as others around the league have echoed Parcells' comments. 

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